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Export persona scale problems

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AD is giving me half of the size when exporting slices. I have changed the DPI mid-project, but the UI is reporting all the good sizes in the transform panel. However, slices need 2X export option to meet the same dimensions as in the design.

I am attaching the file if someone wants to see for themselves. Never encountered an incorrect size export in 1.6, just some problems with the pixel rounding.

Wishlist time: could I perhaps see the document's units instead of the pixels in the slice window? Also, is there a way to rearrange slices om the stack instead of having this halfbaked array?



Slice stack.png

cm please.png

Honda Civic 93 Maketas_Gamybai.afdesign

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Hi Fantomasas,

Technically this is by design (albeit one I'm not a fan of), and does happen in 1.6

Because your document is set to 144 DPI the Export Persona automatically creates half size exports when outputting to 1x format, the correct size when outputting at 2x, and double size when out putting at 3x. If you work at 288dpi, then your document will export at the correct size when using 3x, half size then using 2x and then half that when using 1x.

If you work at any other DPI other than those 2 then you should be ok!

Hope that helps!

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