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  1. Edit: Had the exact same problem. Looks like upon update the brush tool defaulted to something other than Normal blending.
  2. Yes, the PDF opened back in Photo displays neutral as expected and the CMYK values are mentioned earlier. Thanks for your thoughts on this. At least I am not going crazy.
  3. @Lagarto Compared to the gray card (bottom of attached photo) there is a significant tint I think. Is this normal ? (unless we are looking at ghosting and their cyan plate is not properly aligned ?)
  4. @Lagarto Thank you for explanation. It open as you say in photoshop indeed. It looks like some image editors ignore the color profile (like the attached image of the OP). XnView even reduces it to 8bit before opening it.
  5. @mac_heibu Indeed color management is a complex topic. Recently I sent a PDF file to a printer (the Affinity document was in CMYK and I embedded the ICC profile during export). 95% of the file was neutral gray with a few touches of color in a couple of places. All grays came back cyan tinted. The printer argues with me that all my Cyan values are elevated like the OP example CMYK (60,52,52,21) and they claim it is my fault. I don't understand why say that. I thought once they have the ICC they can work back to neutral.
  6. @Lagarto -> ok, the jpeg is in CMYK format. Still, why does it look cyan ? ->So, when I sent this file to the printer (as a PDF with the ICC embedded) and their print is cyan tinted (like the jpeg above) whose fault is it ?
  7. In Affinity starting with an RGB value of (100,100,100) translates to a CMYK value of (60,52,52,21). -> Why so much cyan ? -> Why is it different than this ? (here or here) -> If I plug the CMYK (60,52,52,21) in reverse here I get rgb(80,95,95) with a cyan tint, but affinity says rgb (102,100,100). Why ? In the attached file the color format is set to CMYK with profile (US Web coated SWOP v2). -> Exporting the file to PNG gives me correct result (exactly as shown on screen) -> Exporting to JPEG with color profile included gives me a cyan tint. Why ? (it doesn't include the profile after all ?) ColorTest.afdesign
  8. I am trying to understand @Gabe answer. So ... in Affinity, 1x is always = screen DPI ? ... and the slice panel tries to export the image inch size at xx screen resolution ? So the formula is: Export pixels = xx * (Screen DPI / DocumentDPI) * pixels ?
  9. I don't even care to know in what universe such convoluted logic makes sense.
  10. @carl123. It's deliberate ? Exporting half the pixels at 96dpi instead of 192 ?
  11. @Greyfox Using the export option via File menu works correctly. This means, there is something wrong with the "slices" interface specifically in association to the 192dpi and 144dpi resizing options.
  12. @Greyfox. Somehow I am not quite convinced you are following the steps correctly. As of the slices tab, it doesn't matter (every document has a default full image non-deletable slice). If anything it means something is broken. @carl123. BINGO ! Changing the dpi to 190 works as expected. At 192 it goes back to exporting half what it's supposed to.
  13. The problem happens in Photo (Designer is using the same underlying code. So both should be affected). One more time to make it super clear: Resizing Dialog looks like this: - Photo is reported as 1008x680 -The export persona reports 1008x680 The export dialog looks like this: ---> REOPEN the exported image and it is back to 504x340
  14. Yes, resample was on by default and on my screen it shows 1008x680 every time, but the exported image is NOT the size it shows on screen during export.
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