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  1. If an object from one document has a linked global color and we copy that object and then paste it into another document the global color should also come with it (or have the option to do so) and be added in the other document's swatches
  2. Select the rectangles group Copy (ctrl+v) Select the circles group paste-style (from the edit menu Ctl+shft+V) Nothing happens. I think the style is transferred but it is not refreshing or something. The dash info is there and the color is there but doesn't update on the screen. BrokenPasteStyleOnGroups.afdesign
  3. The new denoise feels like a downgrade compared to 1.65. I think the algorithm is similar but we are missing the "extreme" options and it gives up too soon (running out of slider length often on some night shots).
  4. This is an old thread, but I am having an issue that symbols become un-synced (dashed line) but I never touch the sync button. Something to do with assigning global colors.
  5. There is another project currently I am working that I could use a feature like this
  6. PDF-XChange PRO Acrobat PRO can do it too according to their help page
  7. That would be nice, but its not my experience; I tried all PDF presets before posting.
  8. Obviously it is not practical having to go in there every time a PDF is exported and keep manually correcting the layer structure.
  9. When exporting to PDF the layer structure is not the same as in the original document. A lot of top level layers disappear and their contents are spilled. It seems like if a layer only contains other layers but does not directly contain any geometry then it disappears. Also groups are not preserved. All their members are spilled to the top directory. PDF layers.afdesign PDF layers.pdf EDIT: Just in case anyone is wondering, PDF files do support nesting of layers. For example the above PDF manually fixed in some external app: ManuallyFixed PDF layers.pdf
  10. Yes, I ended up using the "Do not rasterize anything" setting, but I had to go in and remove all Fx. Any single fx basically seems to rasterize the entire layer structure it is in. Also layer nesting is not preserved in general. If a number of layers are inside a parent layer and the parent layer itself has no objects other than the nested layers themselves, the parent layer is dropped and all children are simply spilled into a large mess ... that is unless it is a glitch with my copy of Designer, or I am doing something wrong.
  11. I came here today about to post for the same issue. I am having terrible time communicating dieline files with printers in China. They all use AI and when they open the PDFs I send them a lot of things come in rasterized and structure info is lost.
  12. These lines get selected simultaneously but they are not part of a group. I am not sure how to separate the objects. test.afdesign
  13. The ability to group global colors into schemes by saving the state of the entire group. Individual global color could be changed and save the new group state as a new scheme. This would allow having multiple color schemes for a group and change the look of the entire document merely by switching color schemes.
  14. Not quite on the same page yet Start the pen tool, make a new point and drag a handle. While dragging that one handle press space to reposition the point itself. (this behavior is fine). The issue comes after the fact, once you finished a curve and you re-activate a node and try to adjust its handle. This time pressing space while adjusting a handle no longer moves the corresponding node, but it should.
  15. A little comment here on the node manipulation. When creating a curve the current node can be repositioned during its construction by pressing the spacebar (a great carryover from illustrator; thanks !), now the same is no longer true if we go in with the node tool after the fact and select a node; while adjusting its handlebars we no longer are able to press space and move it as well.