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  1. Fantomasas

    Export persona scale problems

    So if I worked in 72, 150 and 300 DPI, none of these hidden scale shenanigans would be active?
  2. A quick way to fix it is to select the first tool inside the export persona and adjust type the correct values in the transform panel. Only that tool will show you the final export size.
  3. Hi, AD is giving me half of the size when exporting slices. I have changed the DPI mid-project, but the UI is reporting all the good sizes in the transform panel. However, slices need 2X export option to meet the same dimensions as in the design. I am attaching the file if someone wants to see for themselves. Never encountered an incorrect size export in 1.6, just some problems with the pixel rounding. Wishlist time: could I perhaps see the document's units instead of the pixels in the slice window? Also, is there a way to rearrange slices om the stack instead of having this halfbaked array? Honda Civic 93 Maketas_Gamybai.afdesign
  4. I am not the only one who dislikes this, this is counter-efficient and the end result is making me want to go to another app for any work which requires color-iteration. LORD GIVE ME THE POWER TO LOCK THE COLOR WHEEL OR HSL AND SAVE ME FROM THIS SATANIC TINT. (38mb gif, so download it because google isn't powerful enough to play it) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RJFaeQtuG6gmcVllJYoxqZ4xA6FfYL0l/view?usp=sharing
  5. Yay, I helped to find a problem! Now, for my reward, I demand the ability to use global colors without the color-picker always reverting to the tint. PLEASE, is there something I can do to get it? I am doing car wraps and this one quirk is killing the workflow
  6. Fantomasas

    No highlighting of the selected text

    AD 1.6 does not have the issue. I have refined conditions for this problem to occur: • Any font • Outside of the art-board • Close-up
  7. If I try to select a portion of the text, there are no visual markers which typically are inverted text/background colors. The selection still works, it is just not visible on the screen. Problems with all fonts, and even seems to work the same in the AP Beta. Quick snippet of it:
  8. Yeah, the problem does not exist in the today's version of Beta. The snapping was also causing it in the previous Beta. Good Job!
  9. Hi, I have the same problem in both Photo and Designer betas. The CTRL and drag (which duplicates the item into a new position) is busted. It will spawn multiple copies of the same items, and it will not even go into the tool pipe (no history action, undo leaves them). I can confirm that this is not a keyboard/PC issue, it always works correctly in the 1.6 version. Here is a gif of how it works:
  10. The builder does not accept smaller scale. It seems to be either a fixed pixel scale, or bigger. None of my inputs (1/4, 0.25, 0,25) were accepted
  11. Please link videos or documentation for it. I would love to learn.
  12. Hi, I work with a lot of plans and layouts. Typically, the projects are 1:10 plans, so they are huge compared to typical web/print stuff. I would like an option to export the slices at smaller scale (50%, 25%, 10% etc.). I can only see the scale-up and pixel-art options. Please add morescale options, I imagine it is as simple as writing a few more presets with different values
  13. Yes, that one. Any documentation/tutorials/showcase is welcomed.
  14. Hi, I am interested in using the new stoke/fill tool, but I can't seem to get good workflow or results with it. By any chance someone made a showcase video how to use this tool? I am also interested in the content, should someone have a few designs using multiple stroke/fill effects created in AD. I remember looking at this tool in Illustrator, and it was quite impressive for typograhy. Thanks