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  1. Hi, I have complained about this before, but will you ever fix the Export Persona/PDF to actually export what is in the artboard without "bonus" white lines? What is so impossible, I would believe this is the issue for at least half of your audience who export files in PDF or use Export Personas. I can even turn on the Pixel-Snapping and make sure that my artboards are not at sub-pixel coordinates, and the program will still f*** around drawing new borders around artboards and even if you have colored artboard (instead of the object inside the artboard), it will still add those while lines for no reason. This issue alone makes Export Persona worthless for any professional or pixel-perfect work.
  2. I think you should do section by section, doing operations like combining curves or converting all at once never works out too well for me.
  3. Same thing. Start from the bottom going up. Apply a black mask on 2nd, 3rd and further images, use a white brush to reveal parts of the image that you like.
  4. If you absolutely need a distinct group layer label, color them yellow or something. You go through the trouble of naming everything, so tag them with color while you are at it. I would prefer to have a little stronger indentation when it comes to hierarchy, but it is literally polishing the 98% -> 99% in terms of quality while I work with Coreldraw in the office, which is Windows 98 user experience... I guess I would agree that (Group) at the end of the layer name is not effective, perhaps we could have an icon between the thumbnail and name, a small folder icon.
  5. Ok, I can confirm that ALT + HOLD RMB (or release after holding LMB) + HOLD LMB works, but there is no reason to have it this way.
  6. Reading that ALT + RMB is supposed to give the drag-control to the brush settings, but it doesn't work. Can someone confirm that it ever worked on Windows?
  7. Hi, I would like to ask for the Brush settings shortcut, which is fairly standard on many apps like Photoshop or Substance Painter. If you hold CTRL and Right Mouse Button, you can change brush size moving the mouse horizontally and brush hardness moving the mouse vertically. I think Photo is lacking a fast brush adjustment shortcut and tapping [ ] is not a fluid workflow, it is very primitive and slow.
  8. Hi, I am looking for a way to make A4 multi-page brochures and booklets. Printing is on spreads, basically A3 sheets, but the order of the pages has to be like in the image, so when they stack and bind it, they are sequential and correct on paper. I would like to know if there is a function to work with the regular page order in Publisher, but export the final print with the printing sequence automatically. If not, what is the next best workflow for keeping the document normal for work/previews, but exporting it with a specific sequence for print?
  9. I am not the only one who dislikes this, this is counter-efficient and the end result is making me want to go to another app for any work which requires color-iteration. LORD GIVE ME THE POWER TO LOCK THE COLOR WHEEL OR HSL AND SAVE ME FROM THIS SATANIC TINT. (38mb gif, so download it because google isn't powerful enough to play it) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RJFaeQtuG6gmcVllJYoxqZ4xA6FfYL0l/view?usp=sharing
  10. Yay, I helped to find a problem! Now, for my reward, I demand the ability to use global colors without the color-picker always reverting to the tint. PLEASE, is there something I can do to get it? I am doing car wraps and this one quirk is killing the workflow
  11. The builder does not accept smaller scale. It seems to be either a fixed pixel scale, or bigger. None of my inputs (1/4, 0.25, 0,25) were accepted
  12. Please link videos or documentation for it. I would love to learn.
  13. Hi, I work with a lot of plans and layouts. Typically, the projects are 1:10 plans, so they are huge compared to typical web/print stuff. I would like an option to export the slices at smaller scale (50%, 25%, 10% etc.). I can only see the scale-up and pixel-art options. Please add morescale options, I imagine it is as simple as writing a few more presets with different values
  14. Hi, I am interested in using the new stoke/fill tool, but I can't seem to get good workflow or results with it. By any chance someone made a showcase video how to use this tool? I am also interested in the content, should someone have a few designs using multiple stroke/fill effects created in AD. I remember looking at this tool in Illustrator, and it was quite impressive for typograhy. Thanks
  15. Have you looked at the prices of both apps? CorelDraw is more than 10x the price of AD, and the upgrades will cost you even more in the long run. CorelDraw is the master of none. It has the bitmap to vector conversion, but it isn't as good as Vector Magic.
  16. You will want at least: 300+ DPI for leaflets and small posters (A6-A4) 200+ DPI for (A3-A1) 100+ DPI for large format prints You should definitely upload the AD design file. The printer software rasterizes your file when sending the data to the actual printer. There shouldn't be any noticable difference between rasterizing with AD compared to the printer as long as you don't reduce the DPI with the AD. Keep in mind that PNG doesn't support CMYK colors. It is okay for the designs which are made from images, but it will convert CMYK colors if there are any in the project. If you know what kind of printer profile the printer uses, you can add a soft proof adjustment layer to the scene to see how the color might change.
  17. I have experience operating a large printer. If you send the pdf into it, which is composed of multiple objects with their own profiles (PNGs images coming with sRGB profiles)(Vector objects coming with CMYK profiles), the printer is going to apply different profiles to those items. Transparent effects sometimes get messed-up when RBG and CMYK objects interact, at least with CorelDRAW PDFs which I have plenty of experience with. To see whether the fault is somewhere with Affinity PDF exporting, or printer handling of the file, you should export the PDF with Rasterise everything turned on. Keep in mind that you will need to select one color profile.
  18. 1/2. In the case why I want clipping of layers, it is because some of the shapes in the portrait go into each other, and the smaller ones extend beyond the bigger. This allows me to modify the points of the bigger without worrying about the smaller shape not extending enough. I can also finish drawing the small shape with the massive square back instead of matching the outline of the shape it is on. 4. The first minute of the video shows how the color picker tool works in Coreldraw: 12. The bleed bounds are visible, but the contents inside them are not. I am attaching an illustrator bleed screenshot, bleed is also visible in CorelDraw. 7. It wouldn't be a problem if it reverted back to the wheel after you deselect the global-color object. If I know that multiple shapes will be the same color, I tend to tag them with the color whether for future refinement or preparing easy color iterations for the client. However, I still want to have the color wheel for all the other design elements which don't need linked colors. I work back and forth: applying color, tweaking shape, moving objects around, changing color, adding outline, deleting objects etc. This is the case of the app predicting or using the context-sensitive option in a negative way. To answer the question directly: I don't want to keep switching back to color-wheel every time I touch a global-color object or a group. Just tell me straight: is this an unreasonable request? Is this something wrong with my workflow and I should just adapt somehow?
  19. Thank you for your response. 1. I don't understand how it works. I have 2 shapes selected, hit "Move Inside", and it just drops them into Artboard. I guess there is no command to Move Inside one another without the layers panel? 2. For the example where selection fails me, let's say I wanted to apply the stroke or color (or whatever) to all, or a lot of objects with children, like a blueprint drawing where all lines are 1pt, but for some reason, I need to make them all 2pts. There is no good way to select them all. If you select all, or shift-select start-end of the layer stack, you don't get any children is the selection. You will have all parent layers as 2pts, but all children will remain at 1pts. 4. The way color picker works in CorelDRAW: you start it as an eyedropper tool, but as soon as you sample the color, you get to morph it into the bucket/flood fill tool (or don't, depends on the keys you press). It is rather convenient when you aren't sure about colors or objects, you can iterate really fast without actually selecting any object, just pointing on it with the tool. 7. Added sequence of images to describe the problem. (Discovered a bug while trying to screenshot the color menu change. If you select an object to add its fill as a global color, it only works on the first selected object. If you select another object with a different color, it will not do anything with the right-click add fill as a global color option. ) 11. Could have been my error, or bug, but I have just tried re-exporting the cards and there is no white edge this time. I will submit the file into the bug reporting section if it happens in the future. 12. Added a picture about visible bleed. For example, if I have multiple images at the edge of the design, I would appreciate if I could see the visible indication that they indeed go beyond the cutting line into the bleed area. Not a big issue, but it is nice to visually error-check the design without selecting specific components to see their outlines. 14. In LR or Rawtherapee, the speed to open any RAW file is much much faster. I have Honeyview to preview RAWs as if they were Jpegs, but I feel like opening RAWs in AP is only if I am going to edit the images with brushes or liquid tools.
  20. Mistaken on the slice tool. The Slice Select Tool doesn't allow any modifications (what is it for?), the top slice tool does everything like positioning or resizing (including selection).
  21. Hi, I am trying to use AD/AP for as many tasks as possible at my job. Here are some everyday problems that I have discovered: • Parenting a layer to another can only be done in the layer panel There has to be a shortcut for that, I can't be bothered looking for objects. Even with CTRL K, it takes too long for the tasks. In Modo (3D program), you select a bunch of objects and hit P (last object is the parent). • Parented layers are hard to select with the box or layer selection. Selecting one with the modifier key is easy, but it is a nightmare if you have 2 or 3 levels of parents with multiple children. Even select all command fails to select children. • CorelDraw (we use this one for many tasks because it is a graphics design + production company, so lots of plotting/cutting/engraving etc.) has a contour tool, which allows to easily expand or shrink the object. No such tool in AD, even if you do expand-stroke, it requires re-merging objects because it expands the outline only, as opposed to growing the entire object. • Color picker is fast for a single object, but it is slow for multiple. Corel allows you to sample a color, and the fill whatever objects you want. Combined with the difficulties of selecting multiple parented objects, it is very slow. If you could add the modifier for the color picker tool to apply the color (instead of sampling it), it would be great. • Selecting export slices - impossible. Sometimes you want to move or resize them instead of drawing a perfect one... • No perspective transformation. No, AP does not do it either, it doesn't understand how to transform non-pixel or multiple layers at all. • Global colors force a different color panel which has opacity only, even though I was told it is a feature, it is a useless feature making the global colors useless for any project for me. • Toggling shortcuts on AP are bizarre, nothing else works this way, always hitting the wrong brush/erase/box selection tool. Then I have to undo and select the right one... • Different units for stroke size could be useful, although not a problem if they aren't. • +1 to the linking images request! • Exporting a PDF usually leaves white lines on the edges, and it isn't the pixel-perfect issue. The exporter just fails to export the correct bounds, sometimes by a few pixels. • No visible bleed area... Have to make an entire project with the bleed on the artboard, and then resize it prior to export. Or draw an export slice 2mm smaller if I want to send the design to the client. • Knife tool would be nice. • AP is only good as a photo editing tool once you have a photo selected. It is way too slow for previewing RAWs... • Publisher is not a solution for not implementing linked images, visible bleed, correct export settings. A program like AD has to be able to do one-page project without relying on another app. A knife tool or vector perspective tool are major tools and I don't expect them to make their way to AD soon... However, I think that the small things like toggling, selection, parenting, color picker, slice transforms, global colors fix, linking images, PDF export issues or visible bleed should be easy to implement/fix.
  22. Hi, I have an issue where it is disastrous to work with the design works which have both global and regular colors. The problem is simple: whenever a global-color is activated, the color wheel will switch into the tint mode. It might be intended behavior, but it is inconvenient. The issue (if it is an issue) is a long time one. It is present in regular and the latest beta releases. Please give me some kind of fix to prevent the global-colors from always switching the color mode to tint. I don't mind opening two color tabs.
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