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So I’ve tried searching the forum and I can’t find anything (at least to the best of my ability) on this, yet I see a lot about this online. I’m trying to import brushes in AP and they show up as a gray file no matter what I do on iPad Pro. It’s driving me crazy. Everything is unzipped and it’s an .abr file. What am I doing wrong?!

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Hi GuyRuffArt,
I'm aware of issues importing other types of files from specific locations on iPad, but I'm not having trouble importing .abr files stored in Dropbox  or from a custom folder in iCloud Drive using the Import Brushes command from the Brush panel. Do you mind attaching your .abr file just to rule out the chance of a corrupted file please. I can provide a link if you don't want to post the file publicly in the forums (it may be a commercial file, whatever reason).

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No problem here in either Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer on iPad. Do you have Designer installed, or only Photo?

Alfred spacer.png
Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher 2 for Windows • Windows 10 Home/Pro
Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher 2 for iPad • iPadOS 17.3.1 (iPad 7th gen)

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Hello, This was a complete newb move on my part. It does work for Dropbox! However it would be cool if the other cloud drives would work. I don’t use Dropbox for artist tools. When I went to search under my iOS files from import brushes  AP I opened Dropbox and searched brushes (assuming it would only search my dropbox) well it searched Dropbox, drive, iCloud, creative cloud and so on. I kept opening the file from google drive ...embarrassing. 

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