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Crash on gradient layer and resize

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  1. load an image
  2. new layer
  3. gradient tool, draw a gradient
  4. move tool, select gradient layer and resize to smaller than main image
  5. draw another gradient on resized layer -- outline of layer in blue seems to be same size as original image, though reduced image layer appears ok.
  6. Repeat 4 and 5

Once this resulted in a whole system (win10) crash. Another time AP just bugged out and vanished.

Some kind of memory leak or recursive spiral? Couple of processes fighting one another?

Dave Straker

Cameras: Sony A7R2, RX100V

Computers: Win10: Chillblast Photo with i7-3770 + 16Gb RAM + Philips 40in 4K; Surface Pro 4 i5

Favourite word: Aha. For me and for others.

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Tried it, but AP wouldn't crash. It is strange that the resized layer suddenly grows as large and even larger than the original image.

Affinity Photo, Beta; Win10 Home Version:1803, Build: 17134.706: Intel i7-4770, 3.40GHz, 16GB Ram, Nvidia GTX 645 

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Same for me Ron P. It wouldn't crash but I can't understand why it is growing... I'll see if I can get the crash on another machine but will probably get dev to investigate the size change. Thanks for the post dmstraker :) 

Update - I just had to do a hard reboot on my Windows machine. I just repeated step 4 and 5 one more time and my entire machine just locked up. I tried it on macOS and it locked up there but I was able to quit the app eventually.

I think it's just increasing the pixel dimensions to something enormous. This issue is easier to reproduce on an already big image. I tried again on a 15,000 px x 15,000 px image and it only took one go to lock the app up. 

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