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Toolbar and Tool Customizations gone after update

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I know it is still Beta and for as much I can say, AP blows InDesign out of the way or is at least on the same level, I am a bit confused. I arranged my workspace so I can use it as I like/being used to from ID and didn't find any option to save that. So I assumed it would stay the same after an update. Luckily I saved my shortcuts. The option is quit easy to see. But my whole Workspace settings are gone, that should definitely be improved by giving one the option to adjust the workspace according to their preferences. 
I also have multiple workspaces saved in ID now to work on books with the focus on formats of text and paragraphs, and a workspace for designing and playing for example which is completly different. 

Or did I overlook some function saving me the stupid fault I made by just updating?

Please don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about this, it is just a function that is important for many users and I did'nt found anything related to this in the search.

Keep up the great work!

EDIT: Tools stayed as I arranged them, only Studio Windows are completly reset.

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58 minutes ago, Gigiga said:

I really wanted to suggest that different workspaces would be a feature user would benefit from.

Hello @Gigiga,

to save workspaces is some sort of a popular request around here, you are not alone :) and it does make sense, IMHO.

It just isn't implemented and - to be honest - I do not know of any indication when this feature will come.


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18 minutes ago, Gigiga said:

The tools toolbar wasn't affected in any way, all my customizations were still in place. I was refering to the studio windows and panels.

I also wish there was a Studio option to create and save a personal set of docked chosen panels.   Every so often,  after having organized my own chosen options into a docked panel, I need to get to the desktop, and accidentally swipe my docked panel into the ether.   Then it is View>Studio>click on one thing, View.Studio>click on another, View>Studio> etc. etc. until I am back in business.   The Reset Studio gets me back to the default, but so much of what I want (Character, Paragraph, etc.) is down at the bottom, with Color stuff up on top.    Anyway, we must admit that these Panels are unbelievably full of goodies!!

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