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Transformation Bug while rotating

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Hi @all

I think i found a bug in publisher while transforming and duplicating a layer and it looks like the transformation was miscalculated.
There are 2 Videos. The first shows how Designer works (that shows what it should be like) and for comparsion the second Video shows the same steps in Publisher with the wrong calculation.
it seems that the rotating at the end of the video, where the layers with the transformation are duplicated,  will be wrong calculated.

The Steps in Designer:

Same Steps in Publisher. Look at the difference in transforming please.

And in the Publisher Video you also can see two issues i reported to you.
- Snapping of the rotaion centre to Guidelines doesn´t work (same snapping settings as in designer)
- Roation Centre and ohter guides will be hidden if moving guidelines. This is very impractical.
Many greetings

Have a nice day.
Ich wünsche einen schönen Tag.

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