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Was thinking the same... Just comparing some of the features in PagePlus9 and noticed epub(3) export was missing.

also looking at kindle KDP, they recommend due to artefacts sometimes in PDF's imported, they recommend using epub import files in kindle create if the publishing tool exports to epub, word also another option.

need ebook: google (play)/Apple (itunes)/amazon (kindle) supportable export formats.. even Word.

A lot of self publishers will be expecting good ebook support formats, not just PDF.

it just looks like designer without the page document options... was expecting it to be different for publications.

One big thing that is missing is the Publication Types: small, medium, etc . a lot clearer in PagePlus.... just need to add a new publication setup wizard for these features.

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First, let me say that the Beta of Publisher looks fantastic. The work is, as always, exemplary. 

I would like to add a feature request for support of video. I have a large esoteric pdf that was published and needs an update.I originally used an old version of Adobe Indesign.  I've been considering Publisher for the job. However, my book uses many instructional videos. I can't use publisher without video support. This needs to be done by Publisher when the document is exported to a pdf and/or epub formats.

Tree book print media is still viable, but it doesn't have the popularity that it used to have. Now we have so many other ways to create media. Exporting to pdf is very nice. Wouldn't it be even nicer to be able to export to responsive html5 as well? Then, those of us who develop apps could, perhaps develop using Publisher. While you are at it, how about exporting to the Apple store ebook format as well? I know that these feature requests are "asking for the sun, moon and stars", but you are programming geniuses. Maybe you can add some other export options that might give users even more latitude and flexibility.

Thanks for your hard work. I've moved totally to Affinity Designer and love it.

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ePUB / Kindle / iPad Books export settings will be useful and important but I would be OK with it if they left it to v2.0 / second major release, unless they're going to have a much easier time getting all of these basics into initial release than I think. That is for release 1 they should focus on adding all the core features that allow someone to control the setup and look of a document, which are either currently half-baked or missing. A quick look at the New File dialog and an attempt to import copy from various word processor formats should give a good idea of what I mean. Then for release 2 really hammer on the import/export aspect of things. Get IDML import working, get ePUB and Kindle export working, etc.

Put another way, it's making sure the first release has all the core tools we need to control the way a page looks. Then build out from there. It won't matter much what import or export options we have if it's a pain the neck to do simple design layout tasks that we can do in other apps.

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