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[Implemented] Adobe InDesign IDML import

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It seems that there is no way to import an InDesign document. (This is the first thing I tried to do with Publisher.)

I have quite a lot of Indesign document I would like to work on with Publisher (one way import - no need to reexport to Indesign).

Is there a way in the current beta to do it ? Do you plan to have this feature before official launch ?

Great work anyway.

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About this topic, in another post somebody suggested this:

Export Indesign files into PDF (I suggest max resolution). Open the PDF in Affinity Designer. Save it in Affinity Designer format. Then open it from Affinity Publisher. It work quite well... not perfect, but a good way to work on ID files into Publisher.

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I also tried importing .indd and .idml files with no success. But, in the other hand, I have the same file in .pdf, and Affinity Publisher imported it perfectly in a way that I can edit and save the file as a new Publisher file.

I tried that in InDesign earlier this year with a file that came from another designer who lost the source file and InDesign couldn't recognize the pdf as a book. I had to do all the changes in the file with Adobe Acrobat. It was awful.

(Update) Now, out of curiosity, I just tested importing that same file in Publisher Beta and the whole book in editable. Wow!

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