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  1. still having the same issues. I am trying to save it as a .png. I have tried overwriting the original file and saving it as a new file. it also crashes when trying to run a single macro. fill.afmacro
  2. @Chris B Okay. I uploaded a couple of images that were not working for batch processing.
  3. I am still having the issue even after updating to 1.7.1. Have tried the parallel processing trick and only doing it to 2 photos. Still crashes
  4. I am also having this issue. using the latest version from the App Store. have tried with parallel processing on and off. I have a 2015 13in MacBook Pro 2.5 ghz with 8gb of ram
  5. I am now using the latest version 1.7
  6. nope that crashes it as well
  7. When I try to do a batch job in Affinity Photos it just crashes. I am not sure why and it is really annoying.
  8. I really don't like it how most of the words I type in English are showing up as being spelled wrong. They are spelled right but it still says they are not working.
  9. Love publisher so far. Love that there is an alternative. Looking forward to being able to open InDesign files.
  10. I would love this as well. would love do use affinity publisher when it comes out but need support for .indd or.idml files
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