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  1. I also tried importing .indd and .idml files with no success. But, in the other hand, I have the same file in .pdf, and Affinity Publisher imported it perfectly in a way that I can edit and save the file as a new Publisher file. I tried that in InDesign earlier this year with a file that came from another designer who lost the source file and InDesign couldn't recognize the pdf as a book. I had to do all the changes in the file with Adobe Acrobat. It was awful. (Update) Now, out of curiosity, I just tested importing that same file in Publisher Beta and the whole book in editable. Wow!
  2. Thanks for your answer Patrick. You guys are miles ahead, don't mind the competition.
  3. Hey guys from Affinity, Some questions about Publisher. 1. When the Beta is released by the end of august, are we gonna be able to export pdfs that are print ready with bleed and cut marks and everything. I'm asking that because I'm working on a book with 174 pages, and I'm making it with artboards. So far it's working quite nice, but I'm hoping/planning to migrate my content to Publisher. 2. Are we gonna be able to import a afdesign file to publisher without further work? 3. How about importing/exporting InDesign files? Thank you guys for you awesome work. Paulo Williams (Brazil)
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