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¿HowTo: Fuse/Weld Adjacent Nodes?

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I have two Nodes on a path, they're adjacent to one another, and basically occupy the same space. I want them to become one. 


Is this possible?


Sorry for use of Fuse/Weld. I don't know of another term (off the top of my head) for doing this.


And it's just become much more important to be able to do this with the new roundings tool.



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That's not the answer this drone was looking for.


There's other reasons I want a weld/fuse, but the main two:


1. Sure and consistent maintenance of handles/beziers


2. I don't want to be diving down into the 1,000,000x zoom to try to pick one of them to delete when they're sitting incredibly close to one another.

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Because it still doesn't solve the problem. See above. Deleting a node means the incorrect bezier handle properties (that of the remaining node) are applied to the subsequent out curve. 


Hence the existence of fuse/weld. It takes the in curve (let's talk clockwise) from the top left node (if we're at the top of a curve) and the out point from the node to the right, and passes them to the resultant single node when they're fused/merged, meaning the curves remain the same.


If you delete a node you get disastrous, ugly results that require editing to get the curve back to what it was.

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+1 for a proper Join and Average commands for Fusing nodes; happy to agree with @deeds on this one, this is important functionality...


Average = average the X and Y position of selected nodes

Join or Fuse or Weld = Collapses 2 nodes into one


It would be great to have a way to apply BOTH of these commands at the same time, OR separately...

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+1 for welding verts/end points please. The Join function isn't helping in my case. I have the 2 curves I want, and simply want to weld their end verts into one, but the Join gives me another line between the two end points, which complicates the matter rather than simplifying it. Looks like my only option is to rebuild the curve.

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I realize this is a long-dead thread, but I just tripped over this missing operation today in 2021, and this is where google brought me.

Join/Merge/Weld selected curves with a threshold value would be a nice feature when cleaning up vector data from other apps - DXF / PDF outputs from CAD packages is a big one. 

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new to the software, but clearly this ability is long overdue. is there a place where features can be recommended and upvoted?
is there a way to add 3rd party functionality, extensions?

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