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Hi all- New here!

I'm trying to figure out how to write words in my logos (I know, the typing tool). What I mean is how do people write the words of a company name- do you usually download custom fonts from online websites, and if not, how does one make their own font? Maybe @ostrysharpcould help- I really loved your work in this feed. 


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Hi Mannyc and Welcome to the Forums,


If the company doesn't already have a font they use, you could design the letters using the Pen Tool but you won't be able to save this as a normal Font from Designer.  You'd have to export them out and then use a font creator to generate a font from the files you've exported.


Of course you also have the option of downloading a ready made font, but if you are going for a unique look then it may be best to design your own.


Hopefully someone with some more background in font design will be able to post a few tips :) 

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Hi mannyc,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

This depends a lot on each project. You can use a free font or buy a commercial one as long as it fits the requirements (design brief)/values you are trying to encompass in your logo. You can also use free/commercial fonts as a start point then convert them to curves for further customisation. In some cases the text is composed by letters drawn from scratch (not necessarily from a full custom created font). What really matters is how well they convey the brand values and support the concept behind your design (assuming it's not a logotype/wordmark only).


Here's a few sites where you can get free and commercial fonts:

FontSquirrel (mostly free, check licenses)

Google Fonts

Fontfabric (both commercial and free)

Creative Market (commercial, accessible fonts)

FontShop (commercial)

MyFonts (commercial)

Letterhead Fonts (commercial, specialized)



Also take a look at this classified list of fonts compiled by @Mithferion


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Like MEB says, there are literally thousands of font-sites.

I use Aff.Designer to draw the glyphs, then export them as EPS to a fontcreator ( import them in TypeTool -commercial 40+ Euro-  for Mac) and use that to finetune so to speak.

TypeTool is used to create the actual font.

There are quite a number of free fontcreators out there, Glyphr Studio being one that is relatively easy to use.

Search for "Fontcreator software", but be aware that the choice for Mac is rather limited.

Best of luck.


That what you do not yet know is more important than what you already know-Jordan Peterson

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