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  1. Very nice indeed. Alas.... my pension doesn't allow such expenditure : ( US$ 295,- ) Either before or after Brexit .
  2. Just tried out the Lock/Unlock guides feature added to latest Beta Build. Created Keyboard shortcut for "Lock" The "Lock" shortcut also functions as the "Unlock" function, for I cannot create a separate "unlock" Shortcut. Have I got that right ? Furthermore : Still cannot drag guides onto canvas regardless of tool being used. Still have to go back to the move tool to do that.
  3. I have used them all at one time or another, even the Vectorizer tool within Corel Graphics Suite (long time ago). They ALL have one thing in common : they all create a zillion nodes and NONE of them do a perfect job. At the moment, I'm using Intaglio Vectorize. It does a pretty decent job. It's free and available for download as a standalone. I think it's Mac only, though. You can get it at the link below. http://www.purgatorydesign.com/Intaglio/
  4. Thank you very much, Chris. Would you please be so kind as to keep me (and all others on the forum) informed about this, so that we won't have to find out by hit & mis? Thanks again, C.L.
  5. catlover

    Ruler origin issues in v1.7.0.7

    Works fine here, both with AfPhoto & Afdes, latest Betas, on Mac.
  6. catlover

    vintage text

    Here's my two cents worth: Use a ready made 3-D font of your choice (available for free download everywhere). Type your lettering, one by one, so that you end up with loose, separate letters. Because of the inherent nature of 3D letters, in this case this is easier than using the Kerning feature for text. Convert each separate letter to curves. Do your thing with the photo-fill, the color of the lines, the color of the 3D fall-off etc. Now align and tweak the text so that it looks natural. Group the lot when your satisfied with the result. Skew to the desired angle. Done.
  7. Sean, MEB : Thanks a million guys, downloaded, Found the appearance panel. Now all I need to know is how it works, ha, ha LOL C.L.
  8. Hi, MEB, You're not going to believe this , that link is dead :
  9. Hi, Dutchshader, Sorry to tell you, but it's the Beta Version that I've got, see scrnshot. Sean is referring to Beta v Haven't been able to find that version for download either. It's getting curiouser & curiouser....
  10. This thing is doing my head in. I really, really can't find the "Appearance Panel" anywhere in AD, no matter in which Persona I look. You are referring to v My version is , I tried to update my Beta Version, but that results in a "You're up to date" message, see scrnshot. I'm on Mac (not iPad), Language is set to Default (English), not separated windows, but not "Full Screen" either. I tried "Full Screen" mode, makes no difference. Thanks in advance for any advice, also : where can I download v. ?? C.L.
  11. Thanks, Rudolphus. I guess it must be a feature exclusively for the Windows version. I'm on Mac and it's not in there.....
  12. Hi, Rudolphus, Where in the AD Beta can I find this "Appearance" panel ? I have looked, but was unable to find it. Thanks in advance, C.L.
  13. Hi, Carl123. Where in AD can I find this "Multiple stroke/fill" appearance panel inyour example link ? (Mac). Have looked, but was unable to find it. Thanks.
  14. How do I define a crop area from centre outwards ? Thanks in advance for all input, C.L.
  15. catlover

    Making Ripples

    OK, thank you. I totally misunderstood C.L.
  16. catlover

    Making Ripples

    Hi, V_Kyr: Any chance of making your macro available for download ? Please also see John's Post that this thread has been moved to "Resources". Thanks, C.L.
  17. catlover

    Making more Ripples

    John, Sorry to say : Neither Macro works on my iMac. The one for the Library (Ripples.macroS) returns this message, see attachment. The one named ".macro" does nothing at all, doesn't import,doesn't return any message. I'm using Photo v 1.6.7., not the Beta.
  18. catlover

    Making Ripples

    Sorry, forgot : There's an Aff Macro called "Distortions", it has a "Lake Surface" macro within. See attachment. Distortions.afmacros
  19. catlover

    Making Ripples

    Thank you very much John for your efforts. I've tried your macro on various JPGs, but like you say : the results vary. In the mean time I've found a "ripple"-plugin on Flaming Pear called "Flood", I'm sure you're aware of it, too. Thought I'd mention it, though, just in case. C.L.
  20. It would be really, really very nice if Live Projection could be amended or an additional mode added to include a "wrap around" feature along the lines of Photoshop's "Vanishing Point" feature. Thank you, C.L.
  21. catlover

    Making Ripples

    Yes, please !
  22. catlover

    problems with accentuation of words

    On Mac : Type letter & hold the key; a little pop-up window with all available accents will pop up. Click the one you need. On Windows : Use the Alt-key, hold and type in a specific number on the numeric keypad. List of number combinations is available on line.
  23. I have : Text >Rasterized to pixellayer > Fill=bitmap,clip-masked. I would like to distort this text into a perspective, but that seems impossible. Can someone help me out please? The file itself is very big (42 Mb) My provider won't let me upload anything that big, sorry. So, just a screenshot will have to do. Thanks in advance ! C.L.