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Cheat Sheet: AD for Illustrator (or CorelDraw or Freehand) users


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… a shortcut, tool and lexicon cheat sheet.

Take this table of Illustrator's tools and shortcuts, and add three columns to the far right: https://helpx.adobe.com/illustrator/using/default-keyboard-shortcuts.html
The Three Columns:
AD Shortcut, AD name (lexicon) & icon, Commentary from AD team.
For everything that’s not yet in AD, simply say “No current equivalent” or words to that effect. For anything that's expanded upon in AD, use that commentary column to add links to further information on how things are better in AD.
For anything that's on the roadmap, put it a link  to the roadmap in the commentary column.
For anything that's being considered, put a similar comment in the commentary column.
Also use commentary column to link to the pertinent parts of any AD documentation on any specific tools/features that might need more explaining due to differences, improvements, limitations, etc.
Do the same for Freehand and CorelDraw, and definitely for Sketch too, as folks using that need to realise there's something better ;)
Anyone in the community (this forum) good at laying at adding columns to tables and entering text all day and night?
Perhaps, in the initial stages, use a google docs shareable file so that everyone can slowly add to it, so the devs can focus on developing and the users can assist users in using.
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and the same for APh and APub with it will be here,

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