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Car Photography Noob

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I am new to photography and the entire post editing process all together.  There are a lot of flaws I'm sure but I really enjoy working with Affinity Photo and enjoy all of the work I have seen here thus far.  Please enjoy and let me know what could be addressed if you care to share:)











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Welcome to the forum DBoy.

I'm not a photographer and I don't do much "proper" image manipulation so I can't really comment on your techniques but I can give you my initial reactions to viewing the images.

In the order in which I can see the photos posted, top to bottom:
1. Nice subject but the "double sun" kind of spoils it a bit. Too much light, or too many points of focus? Also, and I don't know if it's because of the car's paint or effects used but there are areas that look odd. For instance, the lighter lines on the lower bumper and rear wheel arch are areas where it looks a bit "false/pixelated" but I can't explain why.
2. Don't have a problem with this one of the bike. I like the way the subject seems to be stationary and the background is moving. The image is a bit grainy - a bit "newspaper image" - but I quite like it that way. A surveillance photo perhaps?
3. Nothing to say about this one really. Maybe a bit bright on the left perhaps, or too dark on the right?
4. I like the grainy effect on this one. Dirty and rugged. It doesn't work well at full-size but it looks nice at smaller sizes.
5. The car on the right looks great - in the smaller size image, not so much at full-size - but there's something going on to the left that doesn't look correct to me. Couldn't say what it was though. Should it be more out-of-focus? I don't know.
6. Nice, but I have no thoughts either way. That's not particularly bad or good, it's just a nice photo.
7. Again, no specific issues.
8. There's a bit too much light and the chrome looks a bit "crazy" but nice enough overall. The colours really stand out.
9. Image is too small to say much but I think too many effects have been used. Post-apocalyptic on the left and too much "edge detection" on the right?
10. I think everything blends into everything else a bit too much on this engine shot. Nice reflections but I would have liked to see more definition.

Anyway, after all of that, please don't take too much of my comments to heart. Like I said at the start, I'm not a photographer and the few photos I take are all way worse than yours. My comments are simply those of someone who is seeing the images for the first time and giving their honest - very non-professional - opinion.

I would like to hear comments from some of the photography experts in the forum and see what they think. Whatever they say will most probably help me too, especially if they use the correct terms for things that I can search for.

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As someone who started in Photography back in 2004 I appreciate this work a lot, it reminds me so much of my days, on my SV650S traveling all over California. great stuff. if you are into cars or anything that goes VROOM I would go to your local track day and hook up with some photographers there. Plenty of time to learn new perspectives, and a great way to learn the best time of day to shoot some photos. 


Affinity photo is a great program I think you will enjoy it. Photography and Design can really inspire new techniques. 


Good luck to you! hope to see more work soon. 

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They look good but perhaps tone down the HDR? Not many use it that strong these days, when it first came out everyone would though. So for example the last one has turned in to a bit of a blur because of that. 


I've no problem with grainy black and white and I think that one would have looked worse in colour, the only thing might be the cropping. I don't know what they are but those two things behind the telegraph pole are a bit distracting especially the top one.


I'm not sure if the motion shots in general are meant to be blurry or you need to practice panning more, perhaps you're stopping panning as you press the shutter? You carry on panning as you do that if you want them sharp.


The couple near the bottom perhaps would have been better concentrating on one car. For example the red of the car behind the mg draws your eye to that, perhaps if you'd taken it a bit further to the left (and a bit lower) you could have got rid of it.



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Thanks to everyone for the responses and I will definitely take it all to heart and consideration in the future works.  I have been busy working on dropping the HDR (it was new to me so I went with it) and I've been working on my focus points and working on getting sharper images during my panning shots. So far so good and thanks again.

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I'm an image editor helping car photographer in editing their photos.Your image editing is good but still need to retouch those photos.Let me know if you require any help in editing your photos.

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