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Affinity Photo Beta for iPad - 1.6.5 (Beta 1)

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When you just updated this is no longer called a beta. It is with nearly 2 GByte the so called "Golden Master".
Unless some heavy bugs are found in the next couple of days this will be the release version.


So now the developers of every app that is not working as intended can go to work.

If the "locations"-button on the file-export-dialog is left out by accident or by intention this should be clarified with Apple.

Just my 2 cents


The latest update from today of the Dropbox-App (reading full support for iOS 11) doesn't help with the import problem either.

As the file selector box disappears with reading "loading" and AP is not importing, imho the fault lays here by AP.

AP for iPad  on (latest) iOS 11.0.3 on iPad Pro 12,9“ (2015) with Apple Pencil- AD Mac official - AP Mac official

eagerly awaiting AD for iPad :-)I

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Apple Shows some new developer videos for iOS 11.

This one here is interesting on behalf of the problem that we cannot see the *.afphoto files in the Files App.


Imho they are stored in the false directory or AP gives no access to these files for the Files-App.

AP for iPad  on (latest) iOS 11.0.3 on iPad Pro 12,9“ (2015) with Apple Pencil- AD Mac official - AP Mac official

eagerly awaiting AD for iPad :-)I

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Hey guys,


Found a UI Glitch. This glitch will crash the UI but you’ll still be able to move the canvas around.


How I triggered it:


-Make a new document (I used a press ready A4 document at 300dpi)

-Place a photo from the library into the document.

-Rotate the the imported photo in any amount of degrees with the Move Tool.

-Go to the Transform Studio, rotate the imported photo by typing into the rotate button, 90 degrees.

-The UI will crash, by not allowing you to activate any other tools. You’ll still be able to move the canvas around, though.


Let me know if you guys have any questions.


Running Affinity Photo 1.6.5 Beta 1, iOS 11 GM, iPad Pro 1st Generation. 

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I was editing last night using the beta (although there's a new one out today so might be fixed) and was getting major slowdowns on my iPad Pro 2017 12.9 - UI became unresponsive and eventually canvas movements gave up too - force closed the app and it was back in action after restarting although still rather sluggish.


Today's beta seems a bit better with that same file but need to do some more serious editing so that I can tell for sure.



AP Windows, Mac, iOS --- AD Windows and Mac, iOS

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34 minutes ago, i8_david said:

nepp, no drag and drop from dropbox possible. you can nonetheless use the little arrow in the left corner to "open in..." in affinity and import that way, but this is of course not a convenient workaround... 


If you update your Dropbox app you should find Drag n Drop now works from the Files App.  Until this recent update by them it didn't work.  Drag and Drop from the actual Dropbox app doesn't seem to work.

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