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  1. Yes, the more of this we have the less I need to think about my desire to buy 3D LUT Creator Pro! Trev
  2. I would like to see the ability in Photo (similar to photoshop) where I can control the colours that I wish to shift in the HSL dialog - this could allow me to have full control over a set colour (range) and change it to another with falloffs: Many Thanks - Trev
  3. Please ignore me - it works on groups! I'm just used to keeping the original layer at the bottom and using it for my selections occasionally... Trev
  4. Ah, I see - in this case it would mean merging all my frequency separation layers inside the top 'group' which is a bit destructive - can't it be used non-destructively? I could merge the group into a new layer, do my selection and delete the surplus merged layer I suppose. Trev
  5. The problem is that I'm not seeing the red overlay in the first place. I understand that selecting a different layer will exit the refine tool, I was just trying to show that the original selection was still there. Trev
  6. I seem to be having issues with the refine edge selection, the selection just disappears until I click a different layer (video is unlisted): Trev
  7. Perfect, works like a charm, I usually dock my files app over to the right side of the screen which meant I wasn't able to do this without moving the files app. Nice work! Cheers - Trev
  8. - Ability to import brushes using drag and drop. Can't seem to do this from the Files app - does it work with .abr files? Cheers - Trev
  9. I was editing last night using the beta (although there's a new one out today so might be fixed) and was getting major slowdowns on my iPad Pro 2017 12.9 - UI became unresponsive and eventually canvas movements gave up too - force closed the app and it was back in action after restarting although still rather sluggish. Today's beta seems a bit better with that same file but need to do some more serious editing so that I can tell for sure. Trev
  10. Yep, seems that you can't import RAWs from Google Drive either (but is fine with JPG's). DropBox can't even do the JPG's (done a quick check). Something isn't finished somewhere... Trev
  11. Muffins, I've just updated to the latest iOS11 beta too and tried the "Import From Cloud" -> "Dropbox" option on the latest AP beta - no luck here too, not even with drag and drop. Trev
  12. Just throwing this out there but I've written a few extensions in the past to improve my workflow for Photoshop - it would be really handy and save a lot of time if we could have the ability to create our own UI panels and scripts. Macros are great but scripts are far more powerful. Cheers - Trev
  13. I was just looking to drag a layer, not a file. Would be nice if there was a third 'source layer' option which allows you to click another layer in your project and use that. Thanks for the help Trev
  14. Thanks Stanley - understood, so to your knowledge the ability to use a second layer as your source (by dragging it) doesn't exist on iPad (yet) as demonstrated in this video at 0:57? I would have to workaround by exporting the layer to a file and use the 'Image' method?
  15. Affinity Photo for iPad I was experimenting with the Apply Image filter last night on AP for iPad and I couldn’t seem to understand the correct workflow necessary to get it to work. How do you select the other layer as the source? I selected “Current Layer” then changed my selection to the grey scale layer which I wanted as the source, enabled equations but nothing happened? At this stage I would expect to see a greyscale image since all the equations are set to D=S by default? Never really used the “Current Layer” button on desktop either as I’ve always used the drag method. Can’t find any information on it? Kind Regards - Trev