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  1. thanks for the headsup mate! I will see if I am running the old DB version. this is of course an explanation
  2. nepp, no drag and drop from dropbox possible. you can nonetheless use the little arrow in the left corner to "open in..." in affinity and import that way, but this is of course not a convenient workaround...
  3. Hello, I cannot confirm this issue. running iPad pro 10.5 on latest iOS and AP version (Beta) I tried different filetypes as export option (PNG, JPG, PSD, GIF) and then "Share" => "save to camera roll" it will be saved and no crash here. I don't have access to release build so I cannot confirm on this build to, but the beta seems to run pretty fine for me. How many layers did your object had? maybe there is an issue with combining the layers and then save to Cameraroll!?
  4. Thanks, Sir! You could confirm this issue!? running iPad pro 10.5 with iOS 11 Golden Master
  5. I can import textfiles via drag and drop with the files app and after that I can edit them. works as promised.
  6. I second this, I dropped my frankentoon brushes and it just worked. incredible easy and wonderfully convenient haha although I had problems using the microsoft one drive app implementation in files to do so (at least the brushes)
  7. This leads to a crash. 100% reproducable. Follow the steps and see if your pad crashes too. 1) open AP 2) on homescreen: tap and hold one entry in the home screen (they start shaking and floating, you know) 3) tap on the plus icon (right upper corner) 4) the floating photo will be transported to the upcoming screen. 5) go back (the floating tile is set and still there) 6) tap AND hold 7) crash!!!!