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Affinity Photo for iPad - 1.6.4 (Beta 5)

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Status: Beta Release.

Purpose: Fixes, improvements, features.
Requirements: TestFlight Acceptance.
Mac App Store: Not Submitted


Hi Guys,

The fifth beta of 1.6.4 has been deployed on TestFlight. The changes are detailed below.

You can download the App Store version at any time to stop using the beta - and download the TestFlight build at any time to go back to the beta.




Affinity Photo Team  :ph34r:


Changes this version


- Implemented “on-screen modifiers” (enable in preferences - adds an extra context bar group to many tool, simulating modifier keys).
- Increased the maximum size of the liquify brush tools.
- Switch between button menus (document, command menus for example) now only requires one press.
- Allow “Place Image” to place original images from Photos.
- Fixed blend mode issues introduced in last beta.
- Fixed issue where photo library appeared empty after initially giving permission to use it.
- Font size chooser dismisses on pressing return.
- Missing fonts are consistently shown with a “?” prefix.
- Some radial sliders were showing numbers as ellipsis.
- Fixed black screen when opening documents in OCIO colour spaces.
- Fixed mixer brush introducing too much black.
- Improved adjustment previews.
- Fixed vignette artefacts.
- Numerous other small fixes.
- Improved localisation.


Changes since last App Store release


- Selection refinement performance improvements.
- Show progress when committing a refined selection.
- Fixed rendering of adjustment layers with blend modes.
- Further efforts to reduce the size of the application binary.
- Handle layers with 0 width / height more correctly.
- Improved PDF / vector export.
- Further efforts to reduce the size of the application binary.
- Improved TIFF loading correctness.
- Fixed some “Effects” brushes looking wrong on masks / adjustments.
- The “Undo” brush should do nothing on masks / adjustments.
- Support malformed 8bit grayscale TIFFs (which were loading as sRGB).
- Swap the liquify pinch / punch icons.
- When creating a document from the camera, metadata is now available.
- Fixed UI for macros with many arguments.
- Fixed tiny memory leaks. 
- Numerous other small fixes.
- Localisation improvements.


- Added "Export LUT" to document menu.
- Added "Convert to Curves" to command menu.
- HEIF/HEIC import support for iOS11.
- Wet edges can now have a custom interpolation spline.
- New pinch gesture support for grouping / ungrouping layers in the layers studio.

- Passthrough blending is now supported for groups.
- Fixed some invalidation issues when moving layers.
- Fixed clone / heal brush tool origin marker issues.
- Fixed aperture / FNumber metadata parsing.
- Fixed pasteboard issues.
- Improved interactive macro playback when the macro has many arguments.
- Selection refinement stability / performance improvements.
- Fixed HDR merge of portrait images.
- Improved HDR merge of RAW images.
- Icon improvements, especially in text studio.
- Fixed numerous small memory leaks.
- Move tool transform nodes can now be hit more reliably.
- Fixed some Live Filter drawing artefacts.
- Fixed some LUT R/B channel swap issues.
- Styles page will remember list mode state correctly.
- Localisation improvements.
- Numerous other bug fixes.


- Macro studio (import / playback for now, recording coming soon. Supports interactive playback.).
- Significant improvements in performance for large / complex documents.
- Selection marquee tools support extra-finger-constrain.
- Improved reading of DPI from files.
- Exposure adjustment now operates in stops, not % and has wider range.
- Arrow tool has more options.
- Fixed B&C adjustment in CMYK, LAB.
- Lighting tool tweaks.
- Paragraph leading UI improvements.
- Improved loading of images from photo library.
- Fixed a couple of UI memory leaks.
- Fixed issue where a document failing to load would prevent subsequent loads (again).
- Fixed painting onto masks / adjustments.
- Numerous other small tweaks.


- Photo library now shows all user albums / folders.
- New option to dither gradients in preferences - defaults to “on”.
- Significant pan / zoom smoothness improvements.
- Directional lights in the lighting filter can now be directed using on-canvas handles.
- Further fixes for the inpainting tool occasionally leaving red marks.
- Fixes for liquify (and other tools) cancelling if you drag off the edge of the screen.
- Smart selection brush improvements.
- Selection refinement improvements.
- Fixed welcome screen not reloading sometimes.
- Avoided a (rare) deadlock case.
- Fixed crashes when a font has no traits.
- Adjustments / filters preview react to changes in canvas size.
- Avoid crashes on app exit (which nobody will ever have noticed!)
- Fixed issue where if a document fails to load it can prevent other documents from being opened in this session.
- Further memory management improvements.
- Localisation improvements.
- Numerous small stability improvements.


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- Implemented “on-screen modifiers” (enable in preferences - adds an extra context bar group to many tool, simulating modifier keys).


Can't wait to try this out, currently waiting for TestFlight to work properly and install the new build. 


This should make vector work so much better. 

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Just downloaded the beta from test flight.  I am having a lot of fun working with my photos and the affinity app is amazing.  I am still seeing a lot of crashes when I try to import pictures from the cloud using Microsoft OneDrive as a source.  It will access the drive but then timeout and make you start over.  i have seen this bug in every iteration of the software.  



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14 hours ago, wgpai said:

Hi, I recently purchased the desktop version of both Affinity Photo and Designer. Can I try out the beta version on ipad before I decide to buy for my ipad/ipad Pro ?

Here ist the official way to join the beta test:


AP for iPad  on (latest) iOS 11.0.3 on iPad Pro 12,9“ (2015) with Apple Pencil- AD Mac official - AP Mac official

eagerly awaiting AD for iPad :-)I

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