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Opening PDF With Missing Fonts (CIDFont+F1, CIDFont+F2, etc.)

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What's the correct way to deal with opening PDF files with missing fonts (CIDFont+F1, CIDFont+F2, etc.)?  I can't post the actual files, however here's an example.

If I choose replacement fonts in the dialogue box that comes up when opening the PDF (in this example I chose Georgia), Affinity Photo seems to ignore them and it opens like this:


However if I open a blank file, then 'place' the PDF in the file, it inserts it as an 'Embedded Document', which looks like it should with Georgia being the assigned font.  I don't understand why both methods aren't opening the same way?


PDF File:
Bhutan.pdf (file no longer available)


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Hi Sima,


I have raised this issue with our developers to investigate further. if you use the placed method and then double click on the placed PDF you will be able to edit the PDF

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Just stumbled upon the same problem. I printed a OneNote note to pdf with Microsofts PDF Printer and tried to open the PDF in Affinity. When I open the PDF in Illustrator it displays the text correctly but is still missing those PostScript CIDFont+F1 fonts.

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