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Less clicking, please?

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I have *finally* gotten some time to play a bit more with AD..explore the tools, etc. It's looking infinitely capable, but I'm aware that I am clicking a lot (too much) to do certain things, like deal with fill/stroke, gradient, line weight, etc. 


most/many things in AD are "right up there" meaning no burrowing or tunnelling into the interface.


to deal with a gradient or stroke fill takes about 5 clicks, assuming the object is selected. changing a node color is a 2-click deal...


I realize that this might sound like nitpicking, but as I worked with gradients yesterday, I was extremely aware of my click activity and it got tedious.


I'm also clicking a lot selecting items in the layers palette. sometimes, "click through" works, and other times, no amount of clicking will select an item, so you have to make a trip to the layer palette, open groups, etc.


I don't want this to sound like I'm unloading, because I'm not. This is just a suggestion about making things better.  I already regard AD as my go-to vector tool.


Thank you for reading.

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I agree on the clicking part. You have done an awesome job on the gradients, but.. There is always a but right  ;) What could speed things up, and in a way that would make sense right away. Would be the option to switch which ColorNode that is active, this should be done by the X key when the GradientTool is active. If there is more than 2 ColorNodes, then the X key should cycle through the gradient one by one.


How about that?  :)

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