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How To Change A Particular Color in An Image?

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How do I change a particular color in an image to another color? For example, if I have a green toned background and want to make it to brown, how do I do that without changing all the green in the picture?

Thank you very much!

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Hi SweetP


To recolour a part of an image first select the selections persona, select the tool you wish to use I selected the smart selection brush, select the area on the photo.

To recolour select the adjustment studio on the right hand tool bar (square with three dots).
Scroll down and select recolour.
The adjustments are on the context tool bar at the bottom.
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Thank you very much.

I thought perhaps there was some type of tool or option as in Photoshop where you can use the eye dropper to select a particular color and then use the color selector to change it using a specific tolerance. It sure would be nice to have that feature in a future update!!

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  • Staff

Hi SweetP,

There is: it's called Select Sampled Colour Tool. It's the 6th icon on the toolbar on the left (starting from the View Tool (the hand icon) in Selections Persona. Select it, tap on canvas to select the colour you want. Use the Tolerance control on bottom to adjust the tolerance. Seems there's a few issues with this tool... checking this.

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I have a form that is black and white. It is basically a sub-division plot map. The background of the map is an off-white color and the rest is streets and lot numbers, etc. that are black. I want to select the off-white color and have Affinity Photo replace that color where-ever found with a white color.  MEB mentioned a Select Sampled Colour Tool that sounded like it might do the trick. I cannot find that tool in my version of Affinity Photo. I am using version. Any help or suggestions would be greatly welcomed. Thank you in advance.



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Like this? Add a brightness contrast filter and turn brightness up to 100 %.  If that is not good enough, use the magic wand to select the off white areas and cut/delete them. Then add a white background.

I have attached a sample .afphoto done on a copy of the image you provided (the resolution wasn't great) the outcome is not too bad.

Shows what to do in video.



IPad Pro 10.5/512GB   lpadOS 16.2 Apple Pencil (1st gen), Affinity Photo 1.10.5 Affinity Design 1.10.5 Affinity Publisher 2, Affinity Designer 2, Affinity Photo 2

Official Online iPad Help documents (multi-lingual) here: https://affinity.https://affinity.help/ 


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I would just use a levels adjustment to turn the grey into white (adjust the white controller). You can adjust the black at the same time if you need the black a bit darker. It's only a 5 second job.



Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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4 minutes ago, DM1 said: - is that Desktop version, not iPad?

Well spotted ;)

I did it originally on the desktop version but realised that it might cause confusion so posted the iPad version. The end result is identical.

Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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