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On 6/25/2019 at 6:21 PM, Bloque9 said:

Thanks for the advice (and the sympathy)! :) It is not that bad actually. Anyway, I think Affinity Designer and Photo are great software. 

@Bloque9, I recommend Affinity products to Windows and macOS users since it is an affordable alternative to being permalocked into a certain cloudy subscription service. Indeed, Affinity Photo is so good that l know of astrophotographers who use it to process their images. I happen to use Ubuntu Mate on my desktop PC and Linux Lite on my laptop (see pic below) and I'd welcome Affinity products that work well with Wine. That reminds me, you're welcome to check my posting history where you'll find out what l use and what l suggest to try out with Wine. :)


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But it would be multiplatform (if done in Webassembly) (maybe now they are programming in 2 or 3). And maybe it would even be more reliable because memory management, although I do not know memory usage limitations in a browser.

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