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[APh] xmp sidecar file

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Hello Meb,


Thank you for your answer, even if it's difficult to believe : you're targetting Photoshops users and they cannot open a raw file in Affinity with Camera Raw settings ? Frankly, it looks insane... I - and others - have thousand or millions of raw pictures already processed with sidecar XMP files rather than in Camera Raw database, mostly to keep compatibility with others programs...


Unfortunately, I have no other choice than to uninstall Affinity Photo. Too bad... :(

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  • Staff

Hi jason665,

We are targeting the professional market not necessarily Photoshop. But yes it's a legitimate question/request.

I've passed this to the dev team and will update this thread as soon as i have news/more info.

Meanwhile, I'm moving this thread to the Feature Requests section.

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xmp data is stored in alignment with the proprietory creators image engines so creating a full set of 'Camera Raw' or 'Lightroom'  generated settings for crossing over would be a multi layered effort, sort of 3d chess. Darktable opensource can target certain settings. (ht  tps://www.darktable.org/usermanual/ch02s02s08.ht  ml.php)


Which applications have you found to interpret xmp from Camera Raw the most effective? cheers :)

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  • 4 months later...

Hi all,


Thanks for the great work that you are doing!


Just chiming in to stress how nice it would be to have all edits saved to a sidecar file. Until that is possible, using Affinity for RAW development is hardly an option, as it ends up more than doubling the size of any photo archive. When I develop a raw in Lightroom I only add a few KBs to the size of the original RAW file. Compare it to the 100+ MB of saving an affinity photo file next to the RAW.


Pretty please :)

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I agree for me the greatest disadvantage for Affinity Raw processing is that, Affinity is not compatible with Adobe xmp metadata files attachet to raw files, even more the changes made with Lightroom in dng raw is not visible in Affnity Photo when you open modified dng file in Lightroom, and those changes are baked into dng files.

So +1 here

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When I open a .cr2 file in Affinity Photo, it doesn't read the XMP file associated. How to change this ?


I concur. XMP is a public domain standard, thanks to Adobe. So it should be quite feasible, if not simple, to implement the compatibility. I also have a bunch of legacy RAW files with settings done in ACR. As a matter of fact I switched to DxO OP which does a far superior job than ACR while being much more convenient.

I add 2 suggestions:

  • It would be nice to have the option to display the picture in either status: original and tweaked in ACR. A button would make it possible to toggle from on to the other.
  • Why not be able to write XMP files too?


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So there are two issues being discussed here:


1) Being able to read XMP files written by another application (e.g., Lightroom)

2) Being able to save APh edits as XMP files - or any other kind of proprietary sidecar file format (which is the one that I advocated in my previous post).


While (1) would certainly be desirable, there are technical limitations that might prevent APh from consuming 3rd party generated XMP files. The set of available transformations and/or the algorithms implementing them are not the same, therefore the end results would not be the same, and I see how this could frustrate some users. Also, the APh team is not in control of what Adobe or others decide to write in their XMPs, and they might have to spend a significant amount of engineering time maintaining a specialized import module for each supported 3rd party.


Concerning (2), I can't see a major obstacle preventing this from happening (other than product decisions and developer time, of course :)). APh is all about non-destructive editing, and a sidecar file is a very sensible way to represent a process where each step can be described by a function applied to the original pixel layer. I would be very glad to hear from the APh team if this is a planned feature, and if yes then what is the ETA. At the moment of writing, not being able to save edits as a sidecar file is the only thing that prevents me from using APh more extensively in my workflow, just because more than doubling the size of each frame to, say, inpaint something out is not really a viable option. And if this is not viable for me, with an average production of a few dozen shots per month, imagine how professionals who shoot hundreds of frames per day must feel about it.


Thanks a lot, keep up the good work!


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  • 2 months later...

This is something that was requested 2+ years ago, and they said it was planned, but still even today not delivered .


Went back to Lightroom because the Affinity team don't listen to feedback, instead they'd rather argue and defend themselves rather than just make their program(s) work logically. Why make things more difficult? because thats what Affinity photo does!

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  • Staff

You need to appreciate that because Affinity Photo is a MAc App store application we are sandboxed (or we could not sell through the app store for security reasons). That means that we simply cannot see the sidecar files as I understand it. If we moved away from selling through the Mac App Store then this would be easier to program.

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self."  W. L. Sheldon


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I am already owner of a Affinity Photo licence.
Actually I am looking for a good and professional software for RAW processing and after all my tests, which include Lightroom, Capture1, Luminar, ON1, RawTherapy, Darktable, Showfoto (digiKam). And after all my own tests I noticed that there is a lot of disappointment on all payment softwares. Don't believe the websites where they show ant make reviews about this software, I think they are payed or they don't push the test really far. Then after all my own test I can tell that the Develop Persona of Affinity Photo get a good quality. What is missing n order to be a very good RAW processor is:
- Better process the micro-detail on X-trans sensors.
- XMP sidecar, in order to save all the transformations, settings, tags, keywords and labels.

With this two enhancements, Affinity photo can begin to be a serious concurrent with the others famous raw processors.
Here some of my tests: https://www.amazon.it/clouddrive/share/O7ccRG6ohR6UkcfKSIMSOCtKUBEL7dQj6Zva0NpfPJm

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