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Is it possible to resize a parent object without resizing its children? [AD]

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Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but a problem I frequently run into in Affinity Designer is the following: I have an object (such as a rectangle), I make other objects children of this object so they will mask to its bounds, then I find I need to resize the bounds of the parent object. I realize that the intended behavior for resizing a parent element is to resize all of the children elements as if it were any other group. However, I was wondering if there is any method/modifier keys that might let me resize the parent object without modifying the children, just to adjust the bounds. Hopefully this question makes sense... if it isn't possible (which I would not be surprised if it isn't, as it's a rather strange request), is there another easy technique of masking I could use? My usual method is to create parent objects as masks, then just place the objects I wish to mask as children. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! 

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Lock children.... check it out :)


You may be arrested for children abuse.  :D

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On 5/9/2016 at 6:07 AM, JimmyJack said:

Lock children.... check it out :) .

Oh man, you saved my day! I was short of despairing, because I couldn't find a way to keep the child element untouched when editing the parent... Almost thought this was actually not possible in AD.

This seems to illustrate  a problem I tend to have repeatedly in AD: often it turns out that there actually IS a way to do certain things, but for doing so you have to look for a checkbox (or whatever) in some place you wouldn't have thought of. As this is directly related to the stacking and interaction of layers you'd naturally would have been looking there (Layers studio or Layers menu), wouldn't you?

P.S.: It's not even mentioned in the Affinity Help on the topic for "Layer clipping"...

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