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Top menu bar disappeared!

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Hi all,

I'm having a huge problem with Publisher 2. I'm on a Mac Mini M1, for some reason (this happened before the update, and is still occurring) the top of the window (where the menu is) has completely changed. It looks like its full screen or something, but I'm unable to change it. (see below)





I can drag the window around from the bottom bar, but thats the only way to move it. I cannot click and drag on the top window, I can't minimize it, or enlarge it or do anything you'd normally be able to do with that top menu bar. The regular menu bar is simply not there.

I tried toggling full screen mode, nothing changes. It just goes from full screen back to the above. I checked everything in preferences and nothing seems to address the issue. I tried rebooting, still the same thing. I tried resetting user defaults, that didn't help either. I've also updated to the latest version of Mac OS and it's still the same. And I had this problem before the Publisher 2 update, and after updating it's still the same.

I don't know if I accidentally hit a combo of keystrokes and did this setting, or if this is some kind of bug. If anyone can help me get it back to normal I'd appreciate it.

Thank you!


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