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Craig Deeley

Textured pack 03 Intensity brushes

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I am posting a third set of custom Textured brushes for Affinity Designer:

Textured pack 03 Intensity brushes (zip file - big - 30+mb)


These are more remakes of custom brushes I created for Expression3 back in 2004-2007. Plus quite a few new custom brushes and variants.

This set is also a continuation of the previous sets posted. Strokes developed with a moderately organic, mostly (un)natural media, water or oil based pigment like art approach in mind. There is a big variety of brush "looks" included. None of these are strict emulations of traditional media effects. Each is a little "digital" in its own way. There are quite a few wash stroke variations in this set and a few wild cards.

There are quite a few additional rugged drawing/wet inking brushes as well.

There are also several brushes with raged, dashed or random textures.


Example images of the strokes are attached here.

Hope the user base here finds this third set interesting and useful.


My Portfolio site:



My art related blog:


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I still have CreatureHouse Expression on an old hard drive somewhere. It was a very creative and innovative program. Too bad CPU's of the era always bogged down once your Expression drawing got complex.


- peter

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