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Affinity apps keep crashing at start

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I purchased all 3 apps few years ago. They were working fine till last year when trouble comes. All 3 apps keep crashing at start. It happens every time i switch it on about 10 times sometimes less. It's so annoying. After few crashes it works stable. All drivers up to date.  Have you got any solution to resolve this problem? If so I would be very grateful. Greetings 

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Which versions of the apps do you currently have installed and what OS are you running (Mac or Windows)?

Win 10 Pro, i7 6700K, 32Gb RAM, NVidia GTX1660 Ti and Intel HD530 Graphics

Long-time user of Serif products, chiefly PagePlus and PhotoPlus, but also WebPlus, CraftArtistProfessional and DrawPlus.  Delighted to be using Affinity Designer, Photo, and now Publisher, version 1 and now version 2.

iPad Pro (12.9") (iOS 17.4) running Affinity Photo and Designer version 1 and all three version 2 apps.

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Crash reports...

1b6610d0-5f70-40c0-b844-f2f864c0b458.dmp 1d2123cf-de64-4169-a453-76c99cf57c00.dmp 2daef16c-4ca4-40dc-b66d-233835f82c6b.dmp 4b0b7f69-0cc4-49ab-8f7f-225b7ab6535e.dmp eaab04b4-ec7c-41be-893f-3a28f571fe15.dmp ef8a9b33-cf44-4d66-93b3-62e362ac8438.dmp f02ae49b-2241-45a3-9ffa-7fbb92c5d0fd.dmp f41c1b8b-2739-42d6-bc08-32d6aaa0140d.dmp f58d463f-80ad-4b23-971b-6be1b9303c0c.dmp f8055700-7dda-4cdf-9eef-7e1c34e1a67a.dmp f9492675-4fa3-4aca-9ab6-3ff1e32ce535.dmp f9978410-2c24-4bac-a70a-cab29b67a57b.dmp facc4934-bf08-4cab-8784-e6994dd00543.dmp 6b74af55-a6b7-4dce-ac9b-5c85ccd593ea.dmp 6e5ac56e-0c3c-49d9-b6cb-2bf1ddc44ad6.dmp 6eda955a-424b-4116-b731-3a2d8f94dd0e.dmp 6f95ad31-e0f0-4c4c-a26f-ddd0f62c2eb2.dmp 7d84ab45-847a-4de4-9691-9ab7ef826ce4.dmp 8c830f6f-99a5-49cd-8d22-1a31eeafcbad.dmp 12b993de-7b67-4784-953a-ce6aa2870990.dmp 36f25d0b-f6c5-498f-abd5-abd10702eda1.dmp 38ce6c0a-ead5-4eb5-9512-e521cc5ccf7d.dmp 40ead031-6a1a-4633-bb24-a20be758c178.dmp 45ccd16d-0d10-4b43-be9e-e210a30b895b.dmp 55c67ef1-3d1b-497c-9a36-f73bbca3aac9.dmp 87ae695f-dcd0-4c98-8a9c-db4dc8fb9325.dmp 94d4bea1-3f29-47f2-8905-f56912b3abcb.dmp 287d73a0-ad67-46d7-b437-3d927e17fc74.dmp 405a1623-7adb-4e1a-9432-e41ec81e8823.dmp 513aeb86-9dc0-4e45-9c7c-21a4c2701177.dmp 685cdf1e-4728-422f-abd5-9d0821918fa0.dmp 731ed59e-aaaa-4a18-a366-45e54d83b6b4.dmp 1016cadc-e248-4e2a-967b-aaf3ed1c3d58.dmp 3445a91d-91f2-40c3-a1f6-e633438041af.dmp 7114e19d-6b15-49b4-9a3d-24ea675b8a68.dmp 09470de3-16a2-413a-a559-ff4478a98530.dmp 32403d32-4099-4746-84a3-5b228b34262b.dmp 458930ac-5c91-41ef-9911-f0cbb5bcf9f6.dmp a25ce8b7-4af2-4a2b-8da9-c31d9c0980a4.dmp a07719df-5966-43be-bf22-afc95ff64c3f.dmp a611208e-b7d8-4f49-b367-4c803d7b4ce4.dmp aff4870c-5db9-4449-8593-38ad20630878.dmp b19a3987-38c0-4298-b66a-ecb2cb0a63d4.dmp b58a6e87-3cdc-436c-bf40-ec0c053e183a.dmp c3c0c65f-7f86-46ae-8f41-16df631213f5.dmp c3658fe1-93ff-4e25-8c52-6e62460cb67b.dmp cf2ed85c-ff64-45a4-93fe-754568496f4b.dmp d8d1bf05-d029-4277-ba33-c56b5844d170.dmp d45e93ab-b5aa-41a5-8af2-31b59139f588.dmp d946f4ba-6674-4827-9634-fb14ee1e2403.dmp d4381d1c-9450-48fe-9d31-fc7162ddd0e6.dmp db77ac61-6c0a-42d4-8c03-697bd73ad34f.dmp defbebc1-b77e-4b05-a0f9-d23dff6926b1.dmp 6d7ea8c8-8b6f-4155-948b-222a8606cb74.dmp 7db3cc6a-4efa-4484-bb20-a1ac7259164a.dmp 9c4a99f5-6985-4fb9-90f0-c8a072b25580.dmp 9d95ecc9-aa6f-451c-8310-8a48144e44f1.dmp 9ecc69d6-c62c-447e-a75f-6001066b77c0.dmp 12f0baa7-aa30-4892-9bab-69ecc6de3b82.dmp 44d9b434-e5ba-4c8c-8d24-5d80fe6ca4f9.dmp 66e611b2-2d33-4320-9358-c15e843b6923.dmp 76be336f-8c68-4430-8324-87688366e01a.dmp 79f19b73-6447-4425-96dd-4b4fd1701d2c.dmp 94e81e55-df7b-4afa-acee-f190a9c4ca2b.dmp 468e592d-139d-4c2d-b642-67db6787f690.dmp 0731cc36-f7f3-47fb-83b5-c914c849345f.dmp 839dc78a-67eb-4196-9e42-34b2186ba24c.dmp 935d26e8-2d40-44ff-a13c-c0eb91aadea4.dmp 987cf42d-5476-4004-a25e-e1904368cfdc.dmp 8671ac9f-7840-41ee-b013-3e0460732db6.dmp 17733b0f-d39f-45ac-a43c-077f52b351f0.dmp 77136e2c-2b97-4de9-b74c-e9df9d0f98e7.dmp 077244cb-1d6a-4975-8f7e-1842f3da628e.dmp 78962eb8-57be-48a6-92e0-eae1a6d563e8.dmp 30125418-ed28-48ff-923e-60e7136e9cbb.dmp a9eed5b8-776e-4b27-a7a3-a74afdad48d4.dmp b07a449a-6c2a-41a7-8e94-d1927b24029a.dmp b65a3a77-cdca-43f0-863d-2942af2db14a.dmp c7980ea1-c5f1-465a-b252-650aeed47991.dmp ddb4cff4-ede9-477d-8df8-e7ed4aafbb7d.dmp e1dee5c3-0f6f-42fb-87ac-6231b3f39b40.dmp e63156a0-41c3-4094-b0e5-58c4ce87d28b.dmp f0f69177-750f-491d-966c-7dce3d259e0e.dmp f9d70554-0bcd-459e-9c4a-9e39f6424456.dmp f262553e-a390-49a6-8325-e3c47e1e5419.dmp fec52a9a-0246-4958-a733-e61452008860.dmp 0ceaf33b-a201-4e84-aedf-6ab9a42ea75d.dmp 1c3f6819-d84f-497c-9a23-86cf03a1ecaf.dmp 4bfa77a4-d1ea-4c6a-8300-e7b353122ebb.dmp 4c1181ed-3f2a-46ca-9af6-da6268eb9b3a.dmp 4ceb01ba-0764-4bd6-97a9-73367072d7d3.dmp 4e7835ad-31bd-4861-b2e5-73be55eb0777.dmp cc17575a-49bf-45dc-a517-c3c719061c51.dmp cdd30b45-f404-4fbf-b556-258aa04d5134.dmp ce681feb-8029-439a-b898-3bf0a1d35a46.dmp cee6b827-d489-4471-9348-f18660c06691.dmp d5faabb4-bf4e-425d-80c2-60ca792d204f.dmp ddbc4364-5c82-4a19-827f-9939db4e17d7.dmp e0f66e58-35fe-476a-8335-e0f306271997.dmp f11b591f-7040-4ad2-a5f9-0434bb7fd54f.dmp f47442c1-eb10-43c2-990a-7ca950851c31.dmp 0e9887d4-10fd-48d1-bc5e-d5f2c8e96ef5.dmp 004ce6cc-2118-4faf-8220-3f89f81cbdf0.dmp 4f3c9e4c-223b-4244-9ae7-9c57cd5eeb88.dmp 5a21dc0c-8a78-4180-b63e-2e2b61d1d074.dmp 5aa93cb5-e685-4a7e-b1c9-3145afe8852e.dmp 6bf05d3e-9ec9-4ff9-86f7-16f85fce58af.dmp 6e8f007a-f6f3-4ab0-9f5e-4ef2cb9ec357.dmp 8f32117b-1075-4008-a0b1-12b1741c4c11.dmp 9d3b5028-b8a0-4125-ba3d-e859e9d6e11d.dmp 15b8e9be-65e2-4f30-8145-9184e1fd578b.dmp 021c2762-72ca-464a-ac00-368de81146c5.dmp 45b9ca8f-ec5b-44a5-a3ec-2ae5a496fc06.dmp 048e7bf8-74e5-46a3-8def-40abafab7ecd.dmp 52d35848-d6f0-4829-9474-05897b48fc93.dmp 61e831c9-7397-4b63-9f11-4328d2748970.dmp 321c1979-d6cd-4efb-8974-26eb1a63474a.dmp 633ded2e-e894-4fb9-9ad1-7378664817ad.dmp 773aff52-414e-4dc1-8193-fddeb0e54afb.dmp 945b3e33-bbdf-4e28-9211-e22175e25ec1.dmp 8318cbad-2f96-4b0a-8e35-58ae520b13f6.dmp 14190f5a-2c54-4c40-a7e9-ff744d8fbfe1.dmp 405367a6-4d7d-4ba5-a0dc-b1e646e82ef1.dmp 938875b8-0091-4970-bf6e-f843ce9863b7.dmp a1889869-613b-407f-a7e1-be6e715d8613.dmp ac61f478-476f-470c-b2bf-214b98bc2562.dmp b0aef963-195d-4ec9-8ed1-4bc5d5fd1e72.dmp b99b29ce-fd7f-445a-a4a2-8e8b72bd5bc0.dmp b047924e-f81e-47fc-9bf7-1c30060cfc6b.dmp b6551241-b392-4099-b1c3-b243d1f23c84.dmp bbbbd71e-7ab8-4265-a97e-b6a9f1cb40e3.dmp c20c10e8-1b65-4a95-a84d-e82b6dad3f1d.dmp c873b9d8-666e-495d-a781-1896cff5d685.dmp

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Well you've overdone it, one or two of those for each app would have been enough!

☛ Affinity Designer 1.10.8 ◆ Affinity Photo 1.10.8 ◆ Affinity Publisher 1.10.8 ◆ OSX El Capitan
☛ Affinity V2.3 apps ◆ MacOS Sonoma 14.2 ◆ iPad OS 17.2

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Those are all "reason: 0xe0434352" crashes and thus look all the same like this (just happening every time in other threads) ...


Operating system: Windows NT
                  6.2.19041 1706
CPU: amd64
     family 6 model 94 stepping 3
     8 CPUs


Crash reason:  0xe0434352 / 0x00000001
Crash address: 0x7ffad4044fd9
Process uptime: 117 seconds

Thread 38 (crashed)
 0  KERNELBASE.dll + 0x34fd9
    rax = 0x000000b64ddfdd09   rdx = 0x00007ffad675b3c7
    rcx = 0x0000000000000002   rbx = 0x00000000e0434352
    rsi = 0x0000000000000001   rdi = 0x0000000000000005
    rbp = 0x000000b64ddfe9c0   rsp = 0x000000b64ddfe400
     r8 = 0x000001f4c3d1b5d0    r9 = 0x000001f4c3d1b5f0
    r10 = 0x0000000000000000   r11 = 0x000001f4c3d1b550
    r12 = 0x0000000000004000   r13 = 0x000000b64ddfeb80
    r14 = 0x000000b64ddfe598   r15 = 0x000001f4c29eaa50
    rip = 0x00007ffad4044fd9
    Found by: given as instruction pointer in context
 1  mscorlib.ni.dll + 0x58dd95
    rbp = 0x000000b64ddfead0   rsp = 0x000000b64ddfe9d0
    rip = 0x00007ffa6790dd95
    Found by: previous frame's frame pointer
 2  clr.dll + 0x69a3
    rbp = 0x000000b64ddfeb00   rsp = 0x000000b64ddfeae0
    rip = 0x00007ffa743d69a3
    Found by: previous frame's frame pointer
 3  0x1f4ef38fad0
    rbp = 0x000000b64ddfebf0   rsp = 0x000000b64ddfeb10
    rip = 0x000001f4ef38fad0
    Found by: previous frame's frame pointer
 4  clr.dll + 0x68c0
    rbp = 0x000000b64ddfebf0   rsp = 0x000000b64ddfeb20
    rip = 0x00007ffa743d68c0
    Found by: stack scanning
 5  clr.dll + 0x7448
    rbp = 0x000000b64ddfebf0   rsp = 0x000000b64ddfeb30
    rip = 0x00007ffa743d7448
    Found by: stack scanning
 6  clr.dll + 0x7396
    rbp = 0x000000b64ddfebf0   rsp = 0x000000b64ddfeb40
    rip = 0x00007ffa743d7396
    Found by: stack scanning
 7  clr.dll + 0x7160
    rbp = 0x000000b64ddfebf0   rsp = 0x000000b64ddfeb60
    rip = 0x00007ffa743d7160
    Found by: stack scanning
 8  clr.dll + 0x6faf
    rbp = 0x000000b64ddfebf0   rsp = 0x000000b64ddfeb90
    rip = 0x00007ffa743d6faf
    Found by: stack scanning
 9  clr.dll + 0x7308
    rbp = 0x000000b64ddfebf0   rsp = 0x000000b64ddfeba0
    rip = 0x00007ffa743d7308
    Found by: stack scanning
10  clr.dll + 0x82a51c
    rbp = 0x000000b64ddfebf0   rsp = 0x000000b64ddfebb8
    rip = 0x00007ffa74bfa51c
    Found by: stack scanning
11  clr.dll + 0x82a51b
    rbp = 0x000000b64ddfebf0   rsp = 0x000000b64ddfebc0
    rip = 0x00007ffa74bfa51b
    Found by: stack scanning
12  clr.dll + 0x70f0
    rbp = 0x000000b64ddfebf0   rsp = 0x000000b64ddfebd0
    rip = 0x00007ffa743d70f0
    Found by: stack scanning
13  mscorlib.ni.dll + 0x1c3da8
    rbp = 0x000000b64ddfebf0   rsp = 0x000000b64ddfebe8
    rip = 0x00007ffa67543da8
    Found by: stack scanning
14  mscorlib.ni.dll + 0x558ce0
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddfec20   rip = 0x00007ffa678d8ce0
    Found by: stack scanning
15  clr.dll + 0xb9ca
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddfec60   rip = 0x00007ffa743db9ca
    Found by: stack scanning
16  mscorlib.ni.dll + 0x1c3da8
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddfec88   rip = 0x00007ffa67543da8
    Found by: stack scanning
17  mscorlib.ni.dll + 0x558ce0
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddfec90   rip = 0x00007ffa678d8ce0
    Found by: stack scanning
18  mscorlib.ni.dll + 0x1000
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddfec98   rip = 0x00007ffa67381000
    Found by: stack scanning
19  clr.dll + 0x82a51c
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddfecc0   rip = 0x00007ffa74bfa51c
    Found by: stack scanning
20  clr.dll + 0x82a51c
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddfecd0   rip = 0x00007ffa74bfa51c
    Found by: stack scanning
21  clr.dll + 0x82a51b
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddfecf0   rip = 0x00007ffa74bfa51b
    Found by: stack scanning
22  clr.dll + 0x7ec8
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddfed40   rip = 0x00007ffa743d7ec8
    Found by: stack scanning
23  clr.dll + 0xb9a0
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddfed48   rip = 0x00007ffa743db9a0
    Found by: stack scanning
24  clr.dll + 0x7d38
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddfed50   rip = 0x00007ffa743d7d38
    Found by: stack scanning
25  clr.dll + 0x7d38
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddfed80   rip = 0x00007ffa743d7d38
    Found by: stack scanning
26  clr.dll + 0x7ca3
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddfed90   rip = 0x00007ffa743d7ca3
    Found by: stack scanning
27  clr.dll + 0x7cbc
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddfedc0   rip = 0x00007ffa743d7cbc
    Found by: stack scanning
28  clr.dll + 0x1cd055
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddfedf0   rip = 0x00007ffa7459d055
    Found by: stack scanning
29  clr.dll + 0x71b6
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddfee60   rip = 0x00007ffa743d71b6
    Found by: stack scanning
30  clr.dll + 0x7be2
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddfee90   rip = 0x00007ffa743d7be2
    Found by: stack scanning
31  clr.dll + 0x7e5140
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddfeee8   rip = 0x00007ffa74bb5140
    Found by: stack scanning
32  clr.dll + 0x7dd3
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddfef00   rip = 0x00007ffa743d7dd3
    Found by: stack scanning
33  clr.dll + 0xb9a0
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddfef40   rip = 0x00007ffa743db9a0
    Found by: stack scanning
34  clr.dll + 0xb870
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddfef58   rip = 0x00007ffa743db870
    Found by: stack scanning
35  clr.dll + 0xb917
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddfef60   rip = 0x00007ffa743db917
    Found by: stack scanning
36  clr.dll + 0x862c
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff010   rip = 0x00007ffa743d862c
    Found by: stack scanning
37  clr.dll + 0x8c8f
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff070   rip = 0x00007ffa743d8c8f
    Found by: stack scanning
38  clr.dll + 0x79a7
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff0a0   rip = 0x00007ffa743d79a7
    Found by: stack scanning
39  clr.dll + 0xb870
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff0d8   rip = 0x00007ffa743db870
    Found by: stack scanning
40  clr.dll + 0x78f7
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff0e0   rip = 0x00007ffa743d78f7
    Found by: stack scanning
41  clr.dll + 0x77cf
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff110   rip = 0x00007ffa743d77cf
    Found by: stack scanning
42  clr.dll + 0x5789
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff140   rip = 0x00007ffa743d5789
    Found by: stack scanning
43  clr.dll + 0x57e3
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff170   rip = 0x00007ffa743d57e3
    Found by: stack scanning
44  clr.dll + 0x76d0
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff198   rip = 0x00007ffa743d76d0
    Found by: stack scanning
45  clr.dll + 0x1cc675
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff1b0   rip = 0x00007ffa7459c675
    Found by: stack scanning
46  Wacom_Tablet.dll + 0x19170a
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff200   rip = 0x00007ffaaee8170a
    Found by: stack scanning
47  msxml6.dll + 0xa7833
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff210   rip = 0x00007ffab3dd7833
    Found by: stack scanning
48  Wacom_Tablet.dll + 0x191bd7
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff230   rip = 0x00007ffaaee81bd7
    Found by: stack scanning
49  ntdll.dll + 0x507b0
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff240   rip = 0x00007ffad67807b0
    Found by: stack scanning
50  Wacom_Tablet.dll + 0x2521b0
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff268   rip = 0x00007ffaaef421b0
    Found by: stack scanning
51  Wacom_Tablet.dll + 0x19243b
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff290   rip = 0x00007ffaaee8243b
    Found by: stack scanning
52  Wacom_Tablet.dll + 0x190e79
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff2c0   rip = 0x00007ffaaee80e79
    Found by: stack scanning
53  Wacom_Tablet.dll + 0x13f716
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff2f0   rip = 0x00007ffaaee2f716
    Found by: stack scanning
54  ntdll.dll + 0x19877
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff310   rip = 0x00007ffad6749877
    Found by: stack scanning
55  UIAutomationCore.dll + 0x207f70
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff318   rip = 0x00007ffaab887f70
    Found by: stack scanning
56  Wacom_Tablet.dll + 0x140065
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff320   rip = 0x00007ffaaee30065
    Found by: stack scanning
57  0x7ffa87220000
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff330   rip = 0x00007ffa87220000
    Found by: stack scanning
58  ntdll.dll + 0x19993
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff340   rip = 0x00007ffad6749993
    Found by: stack scanning
59  Wacom_Tablet.dll + 0x14032f
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff350   rip = 0x00007ffaaee3032f
    Found by: stack scanning
60  msxml6.dll + 0x6a824
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff380   rip = 0x00007ffab3d9a824
    Found by: stack scanning
61  0x7ffaaecf0000
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff398   rip = 0x00007ffaaecf0000
    Found by: stack scanning
62  ntdll.dll + 0x19a26
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff3b0   rip = 0x00007ffad6749a26
    Found by: stack scanning
63  0x7ffaaecf0000
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff3b8   rip = 0x00007ffaaecf0000
    Found by: stack scanning
64  ntdll.dll + 0x3e683
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff3e0   rip = 0x00007ffad676e683
    Found by: stack scanning
65  Wacom_Tablet.dll + 0x1258
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff3e8   rip = 0x00007ffaaecf1258
    Found by: stack scanning
66  ntdll.dll + 0x5d964
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff3f0   rip = 0x00007ffad678d964
    Found by: stack scanning
67  ntdll.dll + 0x16a4d0
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff408   rip = 0x00007ffad689a4d0
    Found by: stack scanning
68  Wacom_Tablet.dll + 0x1258
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff418   rip = 0x00007ffaaecf1258
    Found by: stack scanning
69  ntdll.dll + 0x17955
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff420   rip = 0x00007ffad6747955
    Found by: stack scanning
70  ntdll.dll + 0x16a4d0
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff428   rip = 0x00007ffad689a4d0
    Found by: stack scanning
71  Wacom_Tablet.dll + 0x1258
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff440   rip = 0x00007ffaaecf1258
    Found by: stack scanning
72  Wacom_Tablet.dll + 0x1258
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff450   rip = 0x00007ffaaecf1258
    Found by: stack scanning
73  ntdll.dll + 0x17877
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff490   rip = 0x00007ffad6747877
    Found by: stack scanning
74  ntdll.dll + 0x178aa
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff498   rip = 0x00007ffad67478aa
    Found by: stack scanning
75  ntdll.dll + 0x74f9d
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff500   rip = 0x00007ffad67a4f9d
    Found by: stack scanning
76  0x7ffad6730000
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff598   rip = 0x00007ffad6730000
    Found by: stack scanning
77  ntdll.dll + 0x74b63
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff5a0   rip = 0x00007ffad67a4b63
    Found by: stack scanning
78  0x7ffad6730000
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff5b0   rip = 0x00007ffad6730000
    Found by: stack scanning
79  ntdll.dll + 0x74b18
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff5d0   rip = 0x00007ffad67a4b18
    Found by: stack scanning
80  clr.dll + 0x1cc5f0
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff6a8   rip = 0x00007ffa7459c5f0
    Found by: stack scanning
81  ntdll.dll + 0x52630
    rsp = 0x000000b64ddff720   rip = 0x00007ffad6782630
    Found by: stack scanning

Such crashes are often caused due to either a faulty .Net framework installation OR problems with the installed GPU drivers.

  1. You can try the fixes from here ...

    -->  How to solve unknown software exception 0xe0434352
  2. The Display driver might also be important here, make sure you have updated the Display driver from the PC or Display adapter maker's Support Downloads web page for your exact model number.

    If this doesn't give you the latest or ideal driver for what you need, compare it to the driver offered by the Intel driver update Utility here:

    or the Nvidia GeForce scanner here:

    or the AMD autodect utility here:
  3. If another actual or older display driver version doesn't fix anything here for the Affinity apps, then check under the Affinity Preferences, under the Preferences -> Performance options, if disabling the hardware acceleration (aka disable OpenCL) will change to the crash behavior.

    --> [FAQ] How can I disable OpenCL compute acceleration on Windows?

    OR maybe even better try out this tool here then --> Affinity OpenCL Disabler v1.2 to disable the OpenCL hardware acceleration for all Affinity apps at once, without the need of having every Affinity app run and delve into it's Preferences -> Performance options settings!
  4. Good luck !




☛ Affinity Designer 1.10.8 ◆ Affinity Photo 1.10.8 ◆ Affinity Publisher 1.10.8 ◆ OSX El Capitan
☛ Affinity V2.3 apps ◆ MacOS Sonoma 14.2 ◆ iPad OS 17.2

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16 minutes ago, smolny82 said:

I tried everything ...

You've tried the .Net repair tool from point 1) and also the last step disabling the Affinity hardware acceleration options of point 3) ?



I purchased all 3 apps few years ago.

What version numbers do your Affinity apps actually have? - You should update them to 1.10.5 versions!

☛ Affinity Designer 1.10.8 ◆ Affinity Photo 1.10.8 ◆ Affinity Publisher 1.10.8 ◆ OSX El Capitan
☛ Affinity V2.3 apps ◆ MacOS Sonoma 14.2 ◆ iPad OS 17.2

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  • Staff

Hi @smolny82 @doubleuone

Please could you advise if you have both followed the steps set out by @v_kyr here, to summarise: 

1. Used the .NET repair tool
2. Checked display drivers are up to date

3.  Disabled OpenCL Compute Acceleration.


If the issue is still persisting after this, please could you follow the link below and see our list of issues caused by Third Party apps 



If you do not have any third party apps installed, could you try going through the below steps to revert the application to it's default settings which may resolve your issue: 

1. Press Win + R and enter %APPDATA% and navigate to the 'Affinity' Folder. 

2. Right click the Designer/Photo/Publisher folder and compress the folder to ZIP to create a backup. 

3. On the application shortcut, click once onto the shortcut, hold down control and right click > open the application whilst still holding down control. 

4. This will prompt a new menu 'Clear User Data' with three boxes ticked, press the 'Clear' at the bottom right hand corner. 

5. Load the application back up to confirm if this has resolved the issue. 


This post will advise you what is cleared and where assets are stored so they can be backed up.   

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  • Staff

@smolny82 please could you attach your log.txt for the applications you are having issues with you'll find them in the following location.  
%AppData%\Affinity\"app name"\Log.txt

Could you also send a screen recording of the issue in action so we can see where the app is crashing in the launch process. 

Could you also attach a recent crash report from within the last month. 

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The crash dumps always show what was already shown before above. - Related to your NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 GPU see also some older threads here ...


☛ Affinity Designer 1.10.8 ◆ Affinity Photo 1.10.8 ◆ Affinity Publisher 1.10.8 ◆ OSX El Capitan
☛ Affinity V2.3 apps ◆ MacOS Sonoma 14.2 ◆ iPad OS 17.2

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  • Staff

Could you check for any windows updates that may be pending. 
I'd also like to request a copy of your Event Viewer log, as this should hopefully contain more information to the exact cause of the issue.
Please do the following -
1. Open Windows Run (Windows Key + R) and type the following - eventvwr
2. In the window that opens, select the Windows Logs drop-down list on the left and then Applications
3. With the Applications logs selected, navigate to the right side of the window and select Save All Events As... and save them as .evtx (the default option).
4. Attach this saved file to your reply here.

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  • Staff

Can you please try the following:

Press the Windows Key + R on your keyboard to open the Run dialog and then type CMD and press Enter. This will launch Command Prompt.

*Presuming you have the app installed in the default location, type in cd "C:\Program Files\Affinity\Designer\" and press Enter. Now type Designer --disable-font-preview-cache and press Enter - the app will now launch.

If that resolves your issue then this would usually indicate Affinity is having trouble loading a specific font on your system, though I'm unable to verify which exact font.

We can add a command to the Shortcut for the apps, so that each time you launch from the shortcuts, this is used.

To do this, locate the Shortcut on your desktop and right-click this, then select Properties. In the dialog that opens, add the command in the Target dialog, after the location of the app is listed, this should look as follows - 


Select Apply and you should now find you're able to launch the apps from these icons without the app crashing. 

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