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I dont know if this was discussed before, i haven't found it...  I want to talk about some kind of really simple panel for taking notes about your design project. 


Personally i work as a UI and Web designer, and i get most of the tasks to do in my email or within Red Mine service. So it feels distracting to switch from AD to email to read the task again and back to AD. It would be much better to keep majority of the info related to the project you are working on right in your design. I often copy and paste my task into AD as a layer, but this is not totally cool - it brings some disorder into layers and your design, and eats some time too so i thought some kind of panel for different notes would be really cool addition to AD's functionality. 


- So the one purpose of it is to keep your task copy there. 


- Also, if you want to remember something or to write down some stuff about your current project - you can do this simply and easily read the notes about the project right in the project file! Its especially handy if you have to leave the project for some time and then come back to it - you will not forget anything! 


- Sharing files becomes easier - you may leave some notes to the person who will work with your file later. 


- If you have to work a lot with text - you just paste all the text you need into this panel and store it there. When you design specific paragraph - you just copy needed text from the notes panel and place it in the design you are doing. 


Some super creative people will be using this panel to make old school ASCII art :-)


As to functionality, it should be simple, work with plain text and have the ability to import or export plain text files, this should be enough. But any additional functionality is always welcome )  

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Bump. Photoshop has a "notes" panel and it's my most used menu in the entire customizable GUI.


I'd love for Affinity to have this too. Designers write project notes in Photoshop all day.

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Needing this feature at the moment. It would save me a decent amount of time, help with project organisation and save paper clutter. Hope to see this soon.

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