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  1. Not sure what I was doing wrong before (I checked those options), but yes, it does work now.
  2. Same pen tool continue path issue with Affinity 1.7.1 here. The only solution for now is to download a previous version of the app. Windows link: https://store.serif.com/en-gb/update/windows/designer/1/ On macOS I guess time machine would be the solution. The caveat with downloading an earlier version however is file version incompatibility. So only new files will benefit from that.
  3. Problem resolved. I held down the control key right after launching Affinity Designer and reset the preferences. I also uninstalled and old version of Font Explorer X which may have been conflicting with Creative Cloud's font management.
  4. When a typeface is not available on the system, and is referenced in the afdesign file, it reports the fonts missing (expected). After syncing these fonts with Adobe Creative Cloud, Affinity Designer crashes. Re-opening Designer does not help, the application crashes each time. Restarting the computer also does not help. Platform: Mac
  5. I'm having this issue as well, and double clicking it doesn't work. You can only move the mask, not the mask contents. In Photoshop you would unlink the layer and simply use the move tool. IMO this is a big deal when working with masks.
  6. Hi, I'm enjoying Affinity Designer so far but have ran into a problem using a greyscale image as a mask. I have a white rectangle, and the image to mask with. When I drag the image over the rectangle so it shows the vertical bar and drop it I still see 100% white. It should be partially transparent at this point. In Photoshop this would be as simple as copying the image, creating a blank mask, then pasting it in. Here's a screencast showing the problem: http://quick.as/56A8h5gq9 Is this a bug, or is there a different way to do this? Thanks!
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