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  1. Works on Windows now as a plugin :-) Now it just needs to become a smart filter
  2. Luminar 2018 on Windows does work partially as a PS plugin. It crashes AP when you try to apply what you did in Luminar and send the image back to AP. I would really like to see it work, great replacement for Nik Filters.
  3. That would be great, because I use masks alot on adjustment layers. :-)
  4. Hi, when I nest a mask into a pixel layer and then want to tweak the mask with e.g. a gaussian blur live filter that I nest into the mask, the gaussian blur nested in the mask layer is not shown in the layer stack. I first have to take the mask layer out of the pixel layer to make the nested live filter visible, tweak it, and then nest it again into the pixel layer to take effect.
  5. Maybe, but it is really counter intuitive to have to press a key combo in a certain order to make it work.
  6. Hi, when i press Ctrl+Space+Mouse (in that Order) I can't zoom, only if I press Space+Ctrl+Mouse it works, that's a bit annoying because in the most cases I press Ctrl first.
  7. Here is the afphoto document. I used the the nuke standard config from opencolorio.org in the file, then switched the config to filmic blender (https://github.com/sobotka/filmic-blender) and now photo crashes when i try to open the old file. i think the desired behavior would be to display a warning and reset the color spaces in the ocio layers. clores_2k_lnh.afphoto
  8. Hi, when you change your OCIO config an try to open a file thas has a OCIO layer created with another config, photo immediately crashes. :-(
  9. Hi, I opened the same ISO Coated V2 profiled CMYK file in Affinity Photo and Photoshop. Color settings are the same in both programs but it seems the saturation in Photo is just to high.
  10. Same here. I have the sad feeling that the developers a beeing quite Adobe esque on this problem: they don't care :-(
  11. I have the same problem, wrong profile is being loaded, not the linear one. And a linear one can't be applied in 16bit later on, because linear profiles can not be choosen while in 16 bit.
  12. Hi, when I open exr files rendered in Cinema 4D, all render layers are split into red/green/blue layers. I also tried it in Photoshop with the new EXR-IO Plug-in, works fine there. You can download a test file here:https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ai6F7-oAqHVxgYQYQMiu30jz3atBog Tanks!
  13. Hi, my workflow contains working with 16bit linear gamma (gamma 1) files to combine render passes to a final image. Until now Affinity Photo only supports linear gamma in 32bit mode and ignores linear color profiles stored in 16bit images (and can not be assigned via menu). It would be great if Photo would support this as it is a essential part in my current Photoshop workflow. Thanks Oly
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