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  1. Thanks! On Windows 10 here.
  2. Oh wow, signup etc was confusing on mobile and this ended up in the wrong section as I just wanted to type it out before I forget. Maybe a mod can move this to an appropriate subforum, which I think would be Feature Requests, Suggestions and Feedback.
  3. Heyo, just wanted to drop in and voice some impressions after trying Photo on a game prop texturing project I would have previously done in Photoshop. All in all I'm finding Photo easy to pick up, powerful and a joy to use. Two main things I'd like to see improved are performance and PSD editable text export. Had to deliver a PSD with live text so I redid all text in Photoshop at the end of the project after discovering Photo doesn't export like that yet. When doing that I felt the performace difference between the two apps, much easier to relax and focus on work when software is very responsive. Improve performance where? Everywhere really, some things I noticed lagging were transforms, merging layers, updating Navigator view and painting with large brush sizes. Perhaps I'll get into specifics more later, in other threads. These things take time. Keep at it team, you're doing good!
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