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  1. I was able to resolve the issue by deleting the app and re-installing it.
  2. Hi I have a 2016 mac book pro with a Intel HD Graphics 530 1536 MB graphics card with 16gb of memory. The image has an annoying flicker whenever I use a slider or simply move the mouse cursor over the image. This is something that started in V1.6 and was hoping it would go away in v1.7. It was not not there in v1.5. It is frustrating enough that I stopped using Affinity Photo, but would like to give it another chance because I really like it. Is there a specific setting in the Affinity Photo preferences to make this work? I don't experience this in any other software such as capture one. Frank
  3. Hello, Just wondering what is happening with AP development. It seems to have really slowed down? Is there a major version update in the works? Regards, Frank
  4. Hello, In AP, is it possible to script an “action” like new layer creation or loading a 3d lut to a new layer? Photoshop allows this and can be used as a way to integrate with other applications. If this allowed, is there any documentation on this? Regards, Frank
  5. Hi, Luminosity mask are essential in my workflow. I have watched the YouTube tutorials which are very good. Here are my requests: 1. Make it easier to generate all the luminosity masks. 2. With the blend range tool it would be nice to actually see the masks show up on the area that is affected. There should be a toggle buttton. This way I can adjust it until I know have the mask correct. Also, I should be able to feather it. I look forward to future enhancements to Affinity Photo to make it even more awesome. Regards, Frank.
  6. Thanks for the update. I guess Mac version is now lagging? Looks like another update is coming in December. Hopefully then.
  7. Hi, I tried holding Ctrl down. It did not help. The only thing that helped was deleting the app and re-installing it
  8. Fixed.. I got the app cleaner and removed files that I did not find manually. That did the trick. I think what caused this is... I changed the display preferences in AP from OpenGL to Metal and checked Enable Metal compute acceleration. I am not sure which of the two actually caused the problem or both.
  9. Hello, After upgrading to macOS high Siera everything was working great. I then went to open a photo and now it crashes on launch. I deleted the app and re-download from the Apple app store... same thing. I am using AP 1.6.6. The latest version. Help!
  10. Ok. So no Luminar compatibility. Also, my NIK color Efex has issues. It does not retain the adjustments from AP when opened in NIK colorefex. It would speed up my workflow and would make me a happy customer. To AP: Can we address these in 2.0 or sooner via updates?
  11. Ok. I tried it this morning but my Luminar is in the application folder on my Mac. Probably should not include the complete application folder as plug-in in the AP plug-in preference. Frank
  12. Hello, I am replacing NIK collection with Luminar and would like to know if I can use Luminar as a plug-in in AP on my Mac? Regards, Frank.
  13. Hi, I rasterized the layers into a new pixel layer. Then, launched ColorEfex Pro 4. The app launches no problem, but the photo loses most of the saturation that existing in Affinity Photo (AP). When I save it back to AP the color returns plus any filters used in NIK. This makes it hard to use because I have no idea what it will look like until I save it back to AP. Has anyone experience this and is there a solution for this? Regards, Frank
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