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UPDATE 1.10.5

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That's actually quite interesting. As someone who've been struggling with the way text performs in Affinity apps for many months (I can really feel your pain) I am finally quite happy with recent improvements in 1.10.5. For me it became way faster and more responsive than before.

Of course there are some visible blocks and artefacts showing up during things being moved or updated on the canvas. But that's just how their tile based rendering system works. I think I'm slowly getting used to it. In every other aspect — 1.10.5 is a big performance improvement and finally makes me able to work on large complex projects without these annoying text object lags.

I'm also on Catalina 10.15.7. Intel Core i9-9900k, AMD RX 580 8GB.

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I have no idea why for me - 10.4 Was faster. Never had problems with text i understand this is hard to make app work on all devices/scenarios. I am also not saying that it bothers me to such an extent that I will stop using the application. I am glad that I can let you know that something has changed, something that can improve the application and iam happy that someone is responding to our problems. There is no way back from Affinity to Adobe. Affinity or die man! : )

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@StraightFromSpace could you confirm if this issue is specific to text frames, and if all fonts are affected?

When you previously reset all defaults (via pressing CTRL and opening app then pressing clear) can you confirm if you reset text frame defaults? 

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Hi, it happens  ( lag and atrefacts ) with Frame text Tool and Artistic Text Tool so all type tools are affected and no matter what font i use. I reset everything to defaults. And it happens on Intel and my M1 mac mini - today that wierd artefacts happens when i move frame text with only shift but it happens once.

It can be easily trigger by grabbing text frame or simple text moving right with shift holding and then press command and realese shift and command. 


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  • Staff

Hi @Myerzman
Welcome to the Forum. 

We are still investigating the cause of this specific issue. If you have tried the previous steps mentioned in this thread and the same issue occurs, could you advise of your OS and systems specifications and the application you are using so we can try to replicate this issue. 

Also if you purchased the application through the Affinity store or the Mac/Windows app store.

However if your issue is not the same as the one in this thread, it would be best for clarity to start a new thread, we can then provide the relevant assistance.  

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