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iPad throws a Wobbly, into File Management or file Corruption

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It seems to me that if while using the iPad AP, the internet connection is lost or a shared drive becomes unavailable, iPad file management seems to hang. If working on a file in AP when this happens, can no longer save even if file is local on My iPad, wheel just spins forever.


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2 hours ago, Affinity Rat said:

Has anyone else tried testing this?

If I save the file to iCloud while there is no internet connecting, I get an “upload error” in iCloud and as soon as the internet in back on, the file is being updated. No issues in AP itself.

If the file is stored locally, saving it with or without internet connection results in no errors/issues.

(I’m on and off internet all the time while working with AP or AD; never had issues when saving files, but maybe that’s because I always save from inside the project — “document/ save a copy” and that way I can save locally with no issue if I have no internet, or in iCloud if there is internet connection.)

All the best.

StudioLink 256gb 11’ M1 iPad Pro 

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  • Staff

Hi @Affinity Rat,

I get the same results as @Away79and also often use my iPad with Affinity Photo mainly, when not connected to the internet and don't have any issues.

Whats your exact workflow?  A screen recording would help showing the issue from starting Affinity to opening your file.  To record your screen on iPad see this link :) 

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Thank you for your responses.
Do you people use the default Affinity Photo folder? 

Hmmmm… not exactly what I had hoped to here, cant you people just lie! ;-/ 

When I attempt to get my iPad to throw a wobbly it doesnt (intentionally turning off shared device, or internet connection)

Maybe I forgot to “shake the bottle” or I’m on automatic pilot from other graphic software I have used, dunno but frustrating.

  • Due to limited space on my iPad, I’m juggling files all the time from a shared drive on my PC, to my iPad, and back, I dont use the cloud at all. 
  • I usually copy file a jpg or png to iPad from shared drive or local iPad file, into an Affinity Working Folder
  • sometimes open jpg from file manager select share and  “Copy” from Share menu, then in AF click “New from Clipboard” 
  • after opening use “Save a copy” to create Affinity Format image, in same working folder
  • close the jpg or jpg not saved, dont want to open this pesky jpg or png again since it would be retained in AP thumbnail gallery. Cant tell file format from gallery. :-(
  • usually to open an *.afphoto file I double click it in iPad file manager. I dont trust the name, or location of file the in AF gallery, since everything is completely hidden. 😞 ie file name, path, file format 😞 😞
  • after edit click save
  • after save close
  • then check file timestamp, in target location

This is my general flow, but always exceptions, when photos come from iPad photo gallery. I rarely open file directly from AP thumbnail gallery.

Gotchas for me have included 

  • after making changes and not saving, the changes are retained in sandbox, (yes I know about history.) 
  • Jpg or png in thumbnail gallery not reflecting changes because the “Save a Copy” (should automatically be entered into thumbnail gallery) is not in the Gallery because it hasnt been opened yet. I created the copy then later went to edit and cant see my changes because not looking at the edited file. If I could see file format or file name that wouldnt happen.

While I could make a video of my work flow, it is so variable, that may be part of the prob.

Yeah I know, shake the d??? bottle!







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It appears that file corruption, maybe part of the problem.  I had an afphoto file I couldnt open, (other files in same folder were fine) , I duplicated the file using file manager and moved it to another folder. I was then able to open it, but AP was misbehaving, opaque layers were showing underlying layers, the bottom context menu would pop up, then hide itself.

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I think I found cause of my file management issue.

  • I turn on desktop, using iPad File manager copy file to a share on desktop.
  • After copy shut down desktop.
  • Open different file on local iPad, from working directory (1)
  • Edit file, the save
  • Spinning for several minutes, finally stops.
  • The edited file was not saved from where it was opened but in the default directory.
  • Now because the gallery is “blind”, next time I open, expecting to see saved changes they aren’t there, they were saved in default directory I dont use the default for anything.

(1) Not sure if local file on iPad was opened in AP, before connecting to the share on desktop or after, but the files copied was not the file being edited in AP.


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11 hours ago, Affinity Rat said:

but the files copied was not the file being edited in AP.

It never is. When you use Open from, the edits are always made only to a sandbox 'working' copy. There they remain until manually 'Saved' to an external location (outside sandbox) using 3 bar menu Save.

IPad Pro 10.5/512GB   lpadOS 16.2 Apple Pencil (1st gen), Affinity Photo 1.10.5 Affinity Design 1.10.5 Affinity Publisher 2, Affinity Designer 2, Affinity Photo 2

Official Online iPad Help documents (multi-lingual) here: https://affinity.https://affinity.help/ 


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On 3/12/2022 at 6:43 PM, Affinity Rat said:


  • Due to limited space on my iPad, I’m juggling files all the time from a shared drive on my PC, to my iPad, and back, I dont use the cloud at all. 


Install iCloud on your PC and change to using iCloud is the simple solution to your problem here.


My dad always told me, a bad workman always blames their tools….

Just waiting for Ronny Pickering…..

Affinity Photo, Designer, Publisher 1.10 and 2.0 on macOS Ventura 13.3 Beta on M1 Mac Mini 16GB 1TB
Affinity Photo, Designer, Publisher 1.10 and 2.0 on Windows 10 Pro.
Affinity Photo, Designer, Publisher 2.0 on M1 iPad Pro 11” on iPadOS 16.4 beta 



The hardest link to find https://affinity.help

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