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AD : Resize Shapes : Either Percentage or Enter New Sizes for all

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I have several circles I wish to resize say all -5%


or new sizes  w x h 70mm x 70mm


If it was text I can select all, then select the text tool and change the fonts, size, weight etc


If I select all, I can resize by holding shift-cmd, but it is only the overall size of the selected group that is shown.


Is there anyway I could somehow copy the size from one to another, like with paste style.


I expect I have missed something






PS: Having learnt that an SVG file is text, is there an easy way to edit the SVG file ?



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  • Staff

Hi Mcl,


You could select the shapes that you need to make smaller and then go to the Transform tab at the bottom right of the app. The text fields in the Transform tab support commands for instance you can write -5% in one of the size fields and then press enter and it will take away 5% of the size of the shape. You can also use * for multiplication / for division and + for addition using these you should be able to accurately change the size of your shapes. Opening an SVG in Affinity should allow you to edit it :)



Please tag me using @ in your reply so I can be sure to respond ASAP.

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Thanks for info


It would be nice if % + - / * etc would work, but when I try it on either a single or multiple circle it just reverts to the original mm size.


Running AD v1.3.5  OSX v10.9.5


Will look at editing SVG - thanks

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  • Staff

You have to keep the existing values in the input field and add your operations/values after them. So keeping the existing 50px value you can write for example: 50 px +30px or 50 px *25%

Alternatively, if you don't want to keep the existing values you can also use this notation: +=100 to add 100 units to the current value or *=50% to reduce the it in half.

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Your examples work for individual shapes, but not for multiple selected shapes.  There seems to be some fraction element involved, probably based on the size of the group.


PS: I'll pass on editing SVG.  There does not seem to be an intelligent text editor in affinity and if I took it to an external text editor, I would definitely NOT have a drawing left.


Thanks again for educating me.

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