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  1. WOW I can see scroll bars for the work area, using the 'light theme'. Never seen them since AD was released and I have a RETINA MAC Book. The not available tools/options are also much easier to see. My productivity will increase at least 50% Thank you - but why did it take so long as you must have some CSS like implementation for the interface and its colouring.
  2. Many thanks for the speedy reply. I have Inkscape so will give it a try. Thanks again.
  3. I have looked in the forums and can not find an answer. I use Affinity Designer on a MAC I want to import an image and create a line drawing of the image for a friend who wants to use it for her painting class. I can not remember what software I used, but in the dark distant past, I am sure I selected a function and adjusted the brightness or something until I got enough lines to give me my line drawing. The program may have been Corel Draw. Is this possible with AD. Thanks
  4. Brilliant again - thank you. I used the move tool and dragged corners as not to same scale, but worked pefectly.
  5. I don't use AD very often, so skill set very poor. I have two map files one the base map and one a transparent one that I want to overlay the first map with. I open the first one and it becomes the background - that is what I wanted. I create a new layer. But how do I get my transparent image into the new layer. Secondly on achieving the transparent layer loaded, what is the best way of making them the same size, just stretching or compressing with the usual handles on the corner. Thanks
  6. I have Affinity Designer. I have a png photo that I would like to make all the white in the photo transparent. Can I do this easily ? I have not managed to find an answer yet. Thanks
  7. Hi, You are spot on. The same four letters have been entered several times today and it only occurs after changing the fill. How i have turned that on - is a mystery. Anyway it is solved - many thanks.
  8. Help I have just entered some text default fill Black I click Fill and change it to a blue colour. I am left with the text changed colour, BUT I now have a red serrated underline. This is not an underline as I can still toggle that on and off. This started happening in the middle of a page I had made occasional similar changes to. What has happened and how do I get rid of it ? thanks mcl
  9. I will have done something wrong, but I have created an icon with a triangle and a rectangle, overall size approx 23 px x 55 px. The triangle is filled with a websafe green and the rectangle with a websafe brown. They both have a border of 1px white. When I export it with Export> PNG selection without background the file is about 15k I thought this was wrong and much bigger than I expected. So I did a similar test with INKSCAPE and its filesize is 1k - yes 1K I expect it is to do with quality, but can not see a setting, that would make the AD image smaller I have attached both files. These files are for icon markers on Google maps What have I done wrong ?
  10. Very frustrated I have a page which is using pixel units, but when I want to define a border(stroke) for a shape, it only allows me to select a width of points. How do I a) get it to use pixels or b ) what is the ratio of a point to a pixel I know it is the 'fad' of today to have grey on grey text. buttons and icons for applications, but please can you give us an alternative theme colour selection. On my 2010 Mac Book I just can not see all the icons etc. Not everyone has young eyes - something the computer designers forget. Thanks
  11. @MEB Your examples work for individual shapes, but not for multiple selected shapes. There seems to be some fraction element involved, probably based on the size of the group. PS: I'll pass on editing SVG. There does not seem to be an intelligent text editor in affinity and if I took it to an external text editor, I would definitely NOT have a drawing left. Thanks again for educating me.
  12. Thanks for info It would be nice if % + - / * etc would work, but when I try it on either a single or multiple circle it just reverts to the original mm size. Running AD v1.3.5 OSX v10.9.5 Will look at editing SVG - thanks
  13. I have several circles I wish to resize say all -5% or new sizes w x h 70mm x 70mm If it was text I can select all, then select the text tool and change the fonts, size, weight etc If I select all, I can resize by holding shift-cmd, but it is only the overall size of the selected group that is shown. Is there anyway I could somehow copy the size from one to another, like with paste style. I expect I have missed something Thanks mcl PS: Having learnt that an SVG file is text, is there an easy way to edit the SVG file ?
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