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Drawing to scale in Designer

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I also very much miss the possibility to make a scale drawing. (e.g. 1 m in reality = 10 cm in the drawing, etc.).

This then also directly involves the question of a dimension line. The simplest form, a straight line, which contains a number (possibly with unit) at the line, which automatically shows the length in real units.

Have I possibly overlooked the dimension line feature? I have searched long and thoroughly.


Ich vermisse auch sehr die Möglichkeit, eine maßstäbliche Zeichnung zu machen. (z.B. 1 m in Realität = 10 cm in der Zeichnung usw.)

Dazu gehört dann auch direkt die Frage nach einer Maßlinie. Die einfachste Form, eine gerade Linie, welche eine Zahl (evtl. mit Einheit) an der Linie enthält, welche die Länge in echten Einheiten automatisch anzeigt.

Habe ich das Maßlinien-Feature eventuell übersehen? Ich habe lange und gründlich gesucht.

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Sorry it is not possible to do this easily yet in Affinity Designer. I have moved your thread into the Feedback/Feature request section for iPad Designer.

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self."  W. L. Sheldon


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Here’s where I have got to in the form of a work-around. In my case I’m using a 12.9” iPad Pro. My objects to be drawn would be about 50mm square in a side view. They are trial designs for objects I will carve in wood. 
I set my dimension units to mm. Turn on the grid and I discover my 50mm spaces are quite tiny on the page. 50mm looks about about 20mm. So I reset the scale of the grid spacing so my grid is bigger and pretend the spaces 2mm and that works well enough for the project at hand. 
Even though my actual document size is 482 x 361 mm, my grid small spacing has 120 lines on the 482 dimension of the screen. 

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this is a similar work around to what I did. I used 1:1 scale with a grid of 1 mm and my paper size is DIN A0, which allows objects of 800 x 600 mm in real-size dimensions. Printing it with 35 % size fits on DIN A4 paper.

But this is only one special applications. I also would like to draw 10 x 10 m (architectural drawings) and this isn't really reasonable.

I would be glad to hear from a new version, which provides scales!

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I am a newbie to Affinity Designer, but I would dearly like to see a ‘scale drawing’ feature. It is a standard requirement for any large scale projects and is available on other vector graphic apps. Dimension labels would also make life so much quicker and easier.

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