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  1. The way current version of PagePlus imports PDF files as images would be really useful option for Affinity Publisher, control over image resolution, ability to skip pages etc, would be most useful. It's a great feature in PagePlus.
  2. Thanks Lee, I think I've fixed it! I went back into document properties and just typed the numbers in again. Now seem to be appearing on all artboards. Created a new artboard. No margins showing. Opened document properties. Typed in the numbers that were already there. Margins now showing! Thanks for your offer of help if you still want to have a look, happy to get file to you. Cheers Craig.
  3. Thanks Lee. That's the problem. When I click on the A3 Artboard, I get my margins, but clicking on the A4 Artboard (or any other artboards in ther same project) get no margins even when selected. Cheers.
  4. Fairly new to Designer. Working on a poster project with two Artboards. One at A3 and one at A4 sizes. I've set margins in the document and the view box is ticked. They show up OK on the A3 artboard but not on the A4. What am I doing wrong? Cheers.

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