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  1. Trims objects to meet the edges of other objects. Also lines.
  2. Is there a trim option in Affinity Designer for iPad ?
  3. How can I replay the procedure with affinity photo for ipad?
  4. In Mac version I can see a preview of cloned part before to place. How can I obtain same result in iPad ?
  5. Would be very appreciate a video. Thank in advance
  6. Yes i know, but i can’t see exactly where. Then, if i would moving the cross i wouldn’t. And when i point my pencil to destination point is very very hard find the position.
  7. But fix exactly the cross point is a problem. How do you do?
  8. I don’t find the command duplicate selection on ipad. And if i’d transforming a pen path into a selection and then duplicate it?
  9. I’d appreciate also your fingers experience
  10. You are right. First how placing the source cross point with precision. Then, clone with apple pencil from that point.
  11. It’ very very hard for me managing the clone tool on iPad. How can I get out of troubles?
  12. I can’t select a parte of an image (Pixel layer) the duplicate on a new layer and move it. could you help me, please? PS Selecting with selection tools or with pen tool
  13. In Photo Persona are available the development setting? Exposure, black point, white, shadow, ecc
  14. Thank Alfred and thank walt.farrell. For vector object in Photo what do you mean exactly?
  15. Wonderfull. I really appreciate a lot your advices. I didn’t understand yet the development ambient. Is it possible applying exposition or other adjustment of development ambient in a not distructive way?
  16. Very frustrating. If I apply a gradient and then I want to edit, I can’t see more the cursor for regulation.
  17. I’m shure that Affinity Photo can do better. Before purchasing it I used Lightroom and the tool Selective Adjustment. Where can I find in Photo the same tool or a workaround?
  18. Would be very useful a control of measure not only for straight lines and also an object “point” like in other vectorial software: one pixel at center but a more size symbol, just for reference and snap.
  19. I’m very very sorry but don’t understand how to use the two filters. I created a mask and under the masl level i put a new fill color layer, but when i apply filter remove, doesn’t happen. Or if it happens then i lose my level with mask and i have only a single raster level.
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