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  1. You are right. I don't know more what fingers using.
  2. Why the list of Shortcuts in help section is not complete? Where I can find the complete list?
  3. Yes there is. now sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. mayby i’m Wrong
  4. Where is power duplicate? Disappeared in the last update?
  5. May I save a new custom set of magnet options?
  6. unfortunately the last beta is a big step backwards. After appreciating the last official 1.7, now I find myself with worse controls and with a great confusion in the use of fingers together with the pen to perform some operations. holding two fingers on the screen and dragging an object made it possible to enlarge it starting from the center without changing its proportions, now no longer. holding two fingers on the screen allowed you to drag a line without changing its direction, not anymore. and many other difficulties in tracing perfectly orthogonal lines or identifying snap points at the geometric centers of the figures. Such a pity.
  7. With iOS 13 there is the support for periferica like mouse and other. i’m trying the beta, but Designer can’t support mouse. the shortcuts are very poor, missing the duplicate and other useful commands.
  8. Is there a way to easily creating closed path?
  9. Not still Perspective for Designer on iPad?
  10. Thank you very much. i’m looking Forward the tutorials about Point Transform and Isometric Tools.
  11. When will be available tutorials for the new tools and functions in 1.7?
  12. https://affinityspotlight.com/article/how-to-use-the-new-isometric-drawing-tools-in-affinity-designer-17/?fbclid=IwAR1UcgP8wlB7nEGQrZPCqkNtTI3h7T9Ejmgr68et8ZvoHLVUDbKftIhRDas
  13. I’m very sorry, but can’t say it better.
  14. Gabe thank for answer, but didn’t say what you understood. if you tray in Photo all works well, in Designer don’t.
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