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Making some progress......maybe

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As dew drops are clear they show through both the colour and texture and also magnify it. So if this is imaginary rather than from a reference it's tricky to do until the underlying flower is done. If it's from a reference then you need to look at them and break them down, I'd imagine there are lots of them. You're unlikely to be able to get it to look right with just a gradient and another shape, but that depends how realistic you want it to be.

The edge highlights and shadows make the petals look very thick, I think it's probably because they don't vary, or not by much. But it's hard to say if they are wrong as it's not finished. 

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Good evening VectorVonDoom, or can I call you Vector for short?

I'm a great fan of your work so your criticism is very welcome.

Thank you for looking carefully at the Dew Drops; each dew drop is a pen drawn elipse with several segments drawn inside and blurred, and set to various colours and various levels of transparent. They then sit on a blurred shadow.....  And yes there are lots of them. These two are my nearest to success yet.   No Gradients are used except fo the background. Each colour is a shape that has been blurred and set to various degrees of tarnsparent. The petal edges: yes, also a bit plasticy, I will try to change to a bit finer. I do have reference and will try and do some more work and then post again over the weekend.  Will also post the reference and some line work.   

Thanks again for taking time,


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Hi, You can call me whatever you want lol. Is it only me who hates trying to think up user names?

Ah ok, I was just guessing how you did the dew drops as the colours aren't obvious but when things are reduced to post on here you lose a lot of details. If you have a reference then they shouldn't be too difficult although it's surprising how a lot of fairly simple things ends up taking so long. It should look good when it's finished.

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8 minutes ago, Antony parks said:

Good Morning Vector. I gave up thinking of user names and just use my own every where.

You could do worse than to extend that principle and use Marc’s own name when addressing him directly! ;)

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