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there are some tutorials which describe different approaches on how to create snow


most of them involve a step where they create a black layer and add monochromatic noise

but if I add noise (filter, noise, add noise) in affinity photo noting changes on the black layer...


and btw. yes, I did select the black layer first ;)



Thanks in advance for any help



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Have you applied the noise filter on the black layer?....if so....you have to go to levels and try to play with the slides that go from black to white in it and then choose the result you would love more. You may use this layer to place it on top of the background one, where you need the snow to appear, and then use the screen blending mode, This will take away all the black from the layer and leave just white little dots. If it is still not much intense , then you go to contrast and increse the effect. It it s quite likely to creating an starry sky, If you then, place a mask on it, you can manage the different intensity on thflqkes and the amount of it, just erasing with a black soft brush the ones that you do not want to apper.

Well...may be some one here will have a more interesting view of it....hope this may help. you a bit.


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thanks rosa, I know the overall logic ;)


I just noticed that it works fine if I select the add noise option from the popup under the layers and drag it over the black layer.

But if I select add noise from the filter menu there is no effect. I don´t really understand this behavior....



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  • Staff

Hi MBd,

This depend how you are structuring the file.

If you are using a Fill layer, you must place the live filter above it (and not attached to the Fill Layer) or Rasterise the Fill Layer first and only then attach the Live filter to it. 


If you are using a regular layer, then you can attach the filter directly to it.

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