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Paint brush and erase tools not working correctly on one layer

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I've been editing designs for a logo, cleaning up lines and colors for the last few days working 5+ hours a day. Been using mostly the paint brush and easer brush. Today on one layer (the same one I was working on yesterday) both brushes are not working correctly. They are both set at 100% opacity, flow, and hardness but with the paint brush it isn't painting a solid color. It's pixelated, and skips space and will not "color in" a line to make it darker. The eraser is doing the same thing. It will not erase fully. I added a pixel layer and both brushes work fine, exactly like they should, but on the layer I need they will not. I've attached a screenshot of the full page, the little lines that the arrows are point at are the examples. I am usually zoomed in very close and working 1-5 pixels at a time for this which I also included a screenshot of. I don't know what has happened to this one layer after closing the program last night and opening it today. 

I still have a lot of work to get done on this and I can't do anything if this isn't working. What caused this? How can I fix it?

Paint brush tool not working.png

paint brush tool on different layers.png

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I think you are working on the wrong layers.To erase the spots under the collar you have to select the layer "copper collar".

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There is definitely something weird with the Copper Collar layer - painting on it is not the same results as painting on the other layers or a new pixel layer

Even if you just copy the Copper Collar layer to a new document it's still not right. So, it does not look like the problem is due to any interaction with other layers.

I noticed the layer is both skewed and rotated but so are some of the other layers so not sure if that is applicable but it may well be.

Rasterizing the Layer resolves the problem for me - then the brush appears to work correctly but not sure what has caused the initial weirdness.

Hopefully someone else will be along later with some other ideas.

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This is bizarre😮. It seems to be a brush setting, affecting the spacing of the brush stroke. But that's not the case, because I have my spacing set to 1 which is the lowest setting. I did find using Windows Ink/pen pressure, closely replicated the behavior. But then the question, why does this not happen on any other layer. I tried copy/pasting to new file, using various different means, do see if that would trip it up, but nope.

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In my own observations when working with layers: if I skew or distort an image, I always have to rasterise it again in order to make it behave as expected with brushes. etc. I don't know if this behaviour is expected, or if it's a on-going bug? When using this software, I have found that, whenever I alter the dimensions of an image - be it size/skew or whatever, the outer edge of the image becomes pixelated until it is rasterised. I have no explanation for this but have observed this behaviour for some time.  

Like carl123 your image/layer behaved as normal after I rasterised it.

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