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  1. Thank you so much Carl123, Ron P., and Affinity Jules! At least I know it wasn't just me or something on my computer. Rasterizing solved it for me as well! Thank you all again!
  2. Oops, sorry. Somehow I ended up with the right one in the wrong place. This is the right one. I've found a workaround by using another layer but the whole thing makes no sense. WIP.afphoto
  3. Yes, sure. It's attached. This is the doc that I work all my colors, and changes on before copying the selection to my "real" doc where I do the final adjustments. Maybe I've added and removed too many things too many times and have messed it up somehow. Thank you for looking. WIP.afphoto
  4. I've been editing designs for a logo, cleaning up lines and colors for the last few days working 5+ hours a day. Been using mostly the paint brush and easer brush. Today on one layer (the same one I was working on yesterday) both brushes are not working correctly. They are both set at 100% opacity, flow, and hardness but with the paint brush it isn't painting a solid color. It's pixelated, and skips space and will not "color in" a line to make it darker. The eraser is doing the same thing. It will not erase fully. I added a pixel layer and both brushes work fine, exactly like they should, but on the layer I need they will not. I've attached a screenshot of the full page, the little lines that the arrows are point at are the examples. I am usually zoomed in very close and working 1-5 pixels at a time for this which I also included a screenshot of. I don't know what has happened to this one layer after closing the program last night and opening it today. I still have a lot of work to get done on this and I can't do anything if this isn't working. What caused this? How can I fix it?
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