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I have a simple shape (attached) I'm trying to fill, but despite all the curves being joined it still fills as though they're individual curves. When I joined the last joint it all lit up as yellow, which I assume means it's one joined profile. I also tried several other methods, like drawing each as individual shaped and using 'Join Curves' but not matter what I do I cant get this shape to fill. I'm trying to make the transition from Illustrator to Affinity Designer but problems like this make the transition very difficult. I ended up using my old MAC version of illustrator to do it.

Am I missing something? it shouldn't be this difficult.






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Select the left side object and then go to layers > Geometry > Separate Curves. Now using the node tool select one curve and another 'adjacent' curve, select the two overlapping nodes and use the Join Curves button on the Context Toolbar.


Work your way around adding the separate curves together.

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I have never mastered color management, period, so I cannot help with that.

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I'm gonna streamline a little further... and add a step  😉

Pre step 1) your middle nodes in the "V" aren't correct. Fix that first.
1) As everyone else, Layer > Geometry > Separate Curves
2) all the pieces will now already be selected so go straight to the Join Curves button (a small time saver)
3) you can stop there and fill
3) Hit Boolean Divide (or Add) to close the end points. Don't Use Close Curve to close the curve 🙄 .
It'll create a loop and you'll have to manually delete two handles.... and even then you will still be left with double nodes (if you care about such things 😁)
4) Fill

So: Separate, Join, Divide, Fill.

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6 hours ago, Spartanoid said:

... but despite all the curves being joined it still fills as though they're individual curves.

If it still isn't is obvious why everyone is saying you need to use Layer > Geometry > Separate Curves, note that in your file both objects are identified as "(Curves)" layers. The plural form indicates that the layer has more than one curve in it, so in your file each layer actually has 5 individual curve objects in it.

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Thanks to everyone for your replies, it now works. Most of the things you suggested I did try before I posted, but the fundamental thing I was doing wrong was not having the pen tool selected while joining them so that contextual menu wasn't showing. I was thinking of how I'd do it in illustrator, I drew all the curves with the pen tool, then selected them all with the 'arrow' (move tool, I think), so they were all selected, then went to geometry and merge curves. So that's why it didn't work.

It's encouraging how many people replied in such a short time. So many thanks for your help.

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On 6/25/2020 at 6:14 PM, Spartanoid said:

When I joined the last joint it all lit up as yellow, which I assume means it's one joined profile.

That’s an incorrect assumption. The yellow highlight tells you that a snapping option will be used: it doesn’t mean that the curves will all be joined up or that the end result will be a closed curve.

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