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Free Transform, Perspective & Warp Tools

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On 11/12/2022 at 7:42 PM, Phojoegraphy said:

After years of begging, pleading and demanding, we finally have vector warping. I'm very happy to finally have it, but I honestly can't say I like it very much for every use. It's very useful for freehand warping, but anything structured, (like for typography when you need symmetry & verticals/horizontals to stay true,) it is a bit of a chore to use.

We need more behaviors and tools:

1. The nodes to be able to snap with modifier key like a regular node. Vertical, horizontal, 45 degrees.

2. Have a toggle or modifier for symmetrical node behavior both in same direction and opposite directions.

3. Better presets that are easier to edit. Employing a special node like the shape tools use would be extremely useful for preset use. This way we can make flag, raised edge, and warps that need symmetry with ease. (See Vector Styler).

I totally agree. I really appreciate the new tools and the hard work of developers. But we need this features as soon as possible. Also there are still many bugs to fix.

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54 minutes ago, RafaelLago said:

I feel scammed. So I have to buy another software to use basic vector functions like this. I believe the first version of Corel Draw I have used, back in 1994, had an "envelope" tool to do exactly this.

Even though this features is lacking in V1. But how can it be a "scam", if a feature is "missing", which was never advertised as being included?

That's like saying "I feel scammed by you, because you didn't send me 10 Dollars. I know, you never promised sending me the money. Yet, I expected it, and you never did!" 

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On 4/19/2020 at 12:38 AM, MCFC_4Heatons said:

Any ETA on non destructive free transform, perspective and warp tools like those found illustrator/Photoshop?



This is about the 10th time in a week that I Google "Where is XX function in Affinity Designer" (switching over from AI) - to end up here where somebody is describing a "potential future function" - FIVE YEARS AGO??? I hope sb. at Serif is reading this: you guys need to fix your software development process ... PRONTO!

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