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Text Frame - Right Indent not working

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Confirmed. Does not work in any application, even not in the latest beta. But it works if the paragraph spans more than one line. But this bug is a showstopper. As a workaround SHIFT+RETURN can be used instead of a RETURN.

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Using the right indent value also in the Last Line Outdent box seems to be usable workaround, as well. Or actually I think it is intended behavior.

But I do not think that the Last Line Outdent works totally correctly, though, and I do think that the way Affinity apps implement indents (outdents) is confusing (even if I know that apps do not implement it in the same way, e.g. Word and CorelDRAW do it in a way that reminds the Affinity method).

In InDesign and QuarkXPress a hanging indent is created so that the whole paragraph has e.g. a 5 mm indent and then the first line indent is -5 mm. In Affinity it is specified so that the whole paragraph has 5 mm indent and then the first line has 0 mm indent. Using this logic, it is understandable that the right indent is specified similarly: both the right indent and last line outdent should have the same value, if they are wanted to be aligned. When left indent is specific, the application automatically adds 5mm as the value of the first line indent, but the equivalent does not happen when setting the right indent. I think it should be, to achieve similar effect (and to mitigate user's confusion).

The last line outdent does not allow values bigger than the right indent, which is also odd. In InDesign positive last line outdent values push the last line to the left and negative to the right. In Affinity the last line cannot be outdented past the right indent of the main body text. The app accepts greater values but there is no effect. 

So if the behavior demonstrated by @matt.baker  above is really by design, I think that the Last Line Outdent should be added automatically as the Right Indent values is specified (echoing the behavior of the Left Indent setting), and that values larger than Right indent should have an effect that pushes the last line further to the left from the line endings of the main body text.

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