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Stroke inside creates thin line outside


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Do not worry about this thin blue line. It won't be printed. Perhaps it is due to smoothing vector graphics? You can also see this line in Acrobat, when Smoothing Vector Graphics is enabled. Turn it off, the line vanishes. It made a print-out with a huge zoom factor and there was no line printed.

EDIT: Not a bug, but something I noticed. If you open the / any files posted here (on Windows 10) directly from the browser and Edit in Publisher the warning Failed to transfer the file from another application is issued.

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Windows 10 | i5-8500 CPU | Intel UHD 630 Graphics | 32 GB RAM | Latest Retail and Beta versions of complete Affinity range installed

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3 minutes ago, Joachim_L said:

Do not worry about this thin blue line. It won't be printed.

Maybe that thin line is not printed but it is exported (PNG, JPG...). See my second image. It is the real problem because I must retouche the exported images. :(

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Hi bures,

I'm really sorry you're encountering this problem. Sadly, this is a common artefact in many vector drawing applications that you'll see when you clip things... An 'inner' stroke is actually performed in the rendering engine by clipping, so you see the artefact when you perform this function. To illustrate that the problem is not just a Designer bug, here is the same artefact from 'inside stroke' in CorelDraw 2019:

Screenshot 2019-10-15 at 10.56.39.png

We will work to improve this over time, but it requires a different approach. I think it's currently only Illustrator that renders these stroke styles without artefacts. I know this isn't what you want to hear, but in the meantime, I'd suggest considering how you can construct your shapes differently. Once you start working in other ways then it actually isn't a problem at all, but I appreciate that's not what you're used to doing, so can only offer my apologies in the meantime...



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2 minutes ago, bures said:

I found the workaround. I add new stroke using "Expand stroke" function and set the new stroke width to 0,1 and colour to white. It is not perfect but good enough.


I am looking forward to your "different approach". :)

Incidentally, the 'Expand Stroke' function is about to get a LOT better very soon... :)


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